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    Hey, I'm looking to book my next vacation at one of the Couples resorts and am having a hard time trying to decide what resort i would like to stay at! I know all the resorts are beautiful in their own way, but I'm looking for looking for any comments or anyone who has stayed at multiple couples resorts before, hopefully to help to make my decision easier! (:


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    Been to CN x 11. Barbados this summer (peer pressure) and back to CN in October.
    Nuf said.

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    Hi, S and J,
    I can't say about the other 3 but I can tell you we were at CSS Jan of 2012 for 9 days and loved it! We are going to be back home Apr. 27 thru May 6 2013. For us, we loved the fact that it is only 150 rooms and 35 acres. This means no matter where you go there are not a lot of people. The resort has a level area by the main beach and beachfront suites and an area of cliffs where the rest of the rooms are. This area has some dense vegetation and it seems you are in a jungle. Very beautiful. I'm sure all the resorts have many fine things to offer, but we chose to go back to CSS because of all it has to offer. We loved the 3rd floor beachfront suite. It's in the middle of the resort and has a great view of the ocean, beach, cliffs main pool, just about everything. Good luck with your decision, but as long as you choose Couples you won't be disappointed.
    Jerry and Brenda

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    Been to CN 9x's for a week, CSS 1x for a week, CTI 75x's for at least at least a week, and CSA 2x's for lunch. All Beautiful on their own. CTI is our absolute favorite because it was our first trip to Jamaica for our Honeymoon in 1971. Going back to CTI at the end of July for trip #76.

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