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    Default Flight VS65 from London Sat 25 Feb - anyone else?

    Hiya. We're heading to CSA in just ONE WEEK from today. As it's a massive plane (747), statistics say that there will likely be other CSA or Couples resort folks on the flight. Anyone with us in the <7 day countdown?

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    Sorry I know this doesn't answer your question, but we'll be on that same flight on the 20th March going to CSA, can't wait to get some Jamaican sunshine, fed up with grey English winter!! Look forward to hearing how your holiday goes, have a great time!!

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    Hi there,
    Had to smile, it's our flight number, but we go on Tuesday this week, any else going to ss?
    Have a great time at swept away.

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    Wish I was! We are on the same flight April 14th to CSA and it cant come quickly enough. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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    I have just flown out to CSA and back yesterday with Virgin. I haven''t got anything nice to say about Virgin so I will say nothing!

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    Ruthjfj - hope you had a great time at CSA?! I was wondering why Virgin were so bad on this trip? We've flown with Virgin every year and never had any problems (probably just jinxed this trip!!) and was wondering why they let you down? It's good to know so we can prepare ourselves!

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    Hey Ruthjfi
    Don't keep us in suspense. We will be flying to CTI at Christmas with Virgin, first time we've flown with them and flew with BA last year, which was horrendous - worst long haul flight I've ever experienced. We were hoping Virgin would be better!! We had no choice but to fly Virgin as we are restricted on holiday dates.

    Come back Air Jamaica, all is forgiven!! Those were the days when Air Jamaica flew from UK, their champagne flights were the best!!

    Mad about tennis

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthjfj View Post
    I have just flown out to CSA and back yesterday with Virgin. I haven''t got anything nice to say about Virgin so I will say nothing!
    Yes, have flown Virgin a lot over the years and know their Caribbean service isn't on-par with their service to say HK or LA. But it was the best deal going at the time, so... fingers crossed!

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    Oh go on then! The issue that was ( probably ) outside Virgin's control was a 4 hour wait on the tarmac at MoBay before taking off because there was an engineering problem. After 2 and a half hours they offered us all a cup of water and put Happy Feet 2 on the screens - such fun for an airplane of adults!

    The issues that were in their control were the narrow seats with far less leg room than normal for a 747 - they must have crammed a few extra rows in. It took me back to when I first flew long haul 20 years ago. Also - the filthy plane - honestly bits of dried on food stuck on the wall above our heads and weeks of crumbs around our feet and in the pocket in front ( which were broken both outbound and back) and the very old mysterious brown stains on the upholstery. My partner is the world's least picky person but even he felt he had to sit on a blanket rather than the actual seat.

    On the way out from Gatwick the dirty upholstery and old food particles were there but there was no delay.

    Oh and the food was poor but no surprises there I guess.

    I have flown a lot over the years and know you can hit a bad flight any time, but honestly this was cattle class. Sir David Attenborough and John Craven were both on the flight in economy ( separately with their families) and they were both very unimpressed and they must count as experienced travelers.

    None of it spoiled our wonderful holiday though.

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    I should just add before all my US friend think I am overdoing the space issue that this is a 10 plus hour flight so squashed legs matter a bit more than on a short haul flight. The flights are not cheap, pushing the price of 2 weeks at CSA to about $7000 (dollars).

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    Virgin are so bad now, and their prices are getting higher by the day, that we will not be going back to our beloved CSS until things change.

    It is getting to the point where the flight is now dearer than the stay.

    Service is terrible the last 2 times we have travelled with them, we have complained but they dont even reply.

    Now that BA have stopped it only leaves Virgin or Thompson flying UK to MBJ.
    Have looked at Thompson but prices are worse than Virgin & to many hidden costs. (like $20 departure tax has to paid in person before leaving!)

    We are very dissapointed that the flight is the only thing stopping us from returning but NO WAY we will fly with Virgin again!

    We will miss you CSS!!

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    We flew Virgin cattle class last year to CTI. Flight was perfectly acceptable, nothing special but then again we knew what we were booking. This year we have treated ouselves and are travelling upper class with Virgin back to CTI in 98 days time. Expecting a totally different experience this time . Holiday booked thro Virgin Holidays, 10 days CTI Deluxe Sea View plus upper class flights for less than 6000. Fantastic value.
    Iain & Jacqui

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    BA flies to Kingston and Couples will still transport you to hotel. Last trip was with Virgin, very dissappointing, hoping BA will be better in September.

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    Sorry to tell you carole/colin, but we flew Gatwick to Mo'bay with BA at Christmas and it was the worst long haul flight we've ever experienced. Cramped leg room, narrow seats, poor service, inedible meals. We are flying Virgin this Christmas and were hoping that Virgin would be an improvement!!

    Mad about tennis

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    will have to wait and see, will have to take a packed lunch, might be safer.

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    iainmac. You are gonna love the comforts of upper class, if it anything like BA club class. We also treated ourselves to the club class both ways and, man alive, it made the holiday for us! You know when you are on the minivan of doom (on the way home from Couples to the airport)? Well, you don't get that feeling with BA Club. Lie flat beds make the whole journey home as good as it can get (first class isn't available to Jamaica!). It also makes the trip to Jamaica all the more exciting as it is just so amazing to not be in cattle class. My only gripe was that they ran out of champagne after two glasses and 1 hour of flight on the way home! We were planning on sleeping anyway, so it mattered little. but that isn't great for such an expensive flight.

    Anyway, enjoy your upper class with Virgin (we also decided never to fly Virgin again - well cattle class anyway), I hope it makes you feel, well, upper class! It was, for us, a major expense and it took a lot of debate. We were extremely glad we did it but it may not be an every-year occurrence.

    Peace, love and the island!

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    Like some others we are on flight VS65 but ours is on Wednesday 3rd October. Its our 2nd visit to CTI - cant wait 217 days and counting

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    Question to Carole/Colin - what sort or arrangements can be made to get you from Kingston to the resort (CTI for us). I was under the impression that if you flew into Kingston you had to make your own way to the resort.
    We wouldn't mind trying BA, as we don't have a very good impression of Virgin either. Disappointed BA have pulled out of Mobay. Doesn't leave us Coupleaholics in the UK with much choice.

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    reply to faraway. we have been told by the general manger of CSS that if you fly with BA to Kingston they will arrage transport to hotel. We are doing the with BA (avios miles ) and the hotel direct with Couples.
    They have put it on invoice transport included. So I would suggest contact CTI by email and ask, the fact that CSS & CTI are so close to each other I presume they will also do transport. Good luck tell us how you get on.

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    Hi again, just tried looking on the BA site and if you book either CTI or CSS they say that the hotel supplies transport to and from airport. hope this helps.

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    Hi there, we are on the same flight as you, also to CSA. We went to CSS the last time so hoping CSA is just as good. Counting the days! Vicki

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fairlyfairy View Post
    Sorry I know this doesn't answer your question, but we'll be on that same flight on the 20th March going to CSA, can't wait to get some Jamaican sunshine, fed up with grey English winter!! Look forward to hearing how your holiday goes, have a great time!!
    Hi fairyfairy, my last post was meant to reply to you but it went wrong! We are on the same flight as you. Also going to CSA. I'm counting the days now and really looking forward to it. We have been to Couples before but not CSA. See you in the couples lounge, if not before.

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    Vickismart, bet you're as excited as me, one week to go now! I'm a bit sad and checked today's Virgin flight, just 11 minutes late, I'd accept that next tuesday! We should be half way there by now! Will be interesting to see how CSA compares to the other couples resorts you've been to.

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    Hi there, we are on the same flight as you, also to CSA. We went to CSS the last time so hoping CSA is just as good. Counting the days! Vicki

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    As we have just returned from CTI which was our first ever Virgin Holiday/Flight thought I would update this post.

    We were on the VS65 flight from Gatwick on 23rd December 2012 and it was one of the best flights to Jamaica we've experienced recently, certainly far superior to BA who we flew with last year. The leg room was much more than BA and also the seat width was larger.

    The crew were fantastic, couldn't do enough for passengers, food was good with a choice of menu - although we were not keen on being served wine in a plastic cup from a full wine bottle rather than the usual small individual bottles, also they did not have any sparkling wine in 'cattle class' only available upstairs apparently! We had a short delay waiting for a late passenger but we actually made up time and arrived at Mo'bay earlier than the ETA.

    The return flight was also good and even though the crew were a couple of staff members down, they worked really hard and the only problem was the time taken to give out the meals - we were at the back and (not surprisingly) had to wait longest for our meal - plus the wine/drinks arrived much later when we were halfway through our meal - all of which being a consequence of there being missing crew members and not the fault of the hardworking crew.

    I can't sleep during flights and just read and watch a film. During the flight the crew came around many times with water and juice (and alcohol should you request it) which was much better than the BA flight last year when the crew never appeared after serving the evening meal until serving breakfast - on the BA flight it was fortunate that I had my own water to drink as I'm not sure how the BA crew would react to being woken up from their sleep!!

    Because of these reasons we will have no qualms in flying with Virgin again this Christmas, especially as there are no extras to pay for such as luggage, sitting together and reserving seats and the departure tax, all of which are not included in Thomson flights, who are the only other option to Mo'bay from the UK. We were also particularly pleased that we could take our sports bags (or golf bags) at no additional cost unlike BA who charge extra.

    Mad about tennis

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