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    Default New Traffic Signal and recent questions answered about CSA!

    We just got back last night from another fabulous trip to CSA!

    On Tuesday (2/5), as we were strolling to the fitness complex for our morning workout, we were shocked to see a brand spanking new traffic signal installed at the crossing point. It was not yet operational, so I can't answer whether they will keep the guards there.

    And to answer some other questions that I have seen recently on this message board:

    Yes, indeed, life jackets are now required for the snorkeling excursions. Marlon told me this took effect in February, 2012.

    The Palms is entirely smoke free now. Smoking is permitting on the patio area at the tables by the pool.

    The Catamaran goes out every day except Thursdays and Sundays. You can reserve as many times as you want, but you probably shouldn't wait until the last minute.

    The Martini Bar is now open Friday evenings, also (it used to be closed during the Beach Party).

    Bob was able to get Hennessey and other cognac from the Martini Bar. It is also available from the Aura Lounge. The Patois bar had brandy, but not cognac. There were plenty of top shelf liquor available throughout the resort, although availability varies by bar. When they ran out of Hennessey at the Martini bar, another bottle was immediately brought out to replace it. We witnessed no shortage of top shelf liquor the entire 10 days where we there. Bombay Sapphire was at the Martini Bar and Tanqueray was at Patois. Grey Goose was at the Martini Bar. Plenty of Jack and Jim Beam at the beach bars. You get the point.

    We loved some of the new menu items at Cabana Grill, like the tuna salad croissant.

    We did miss the endless tray of scrambled eggs at breakfast at the Palms. Of course, we could always order eggs any style from the omlette station.

    There is a rumor that they will be moving the ice cream machine from the Sea Grape area to the Cabana Grill. We hope this isn't true and is just a rumor!

    The handmade t-shirt guy is only on resort two days a week now. So catch him when you see him!

    The service, in our opinion, was exceptional, even better (if possible) than on our 7 previous trips. Feathers, in particular, sparkled like the jewel it is. The dinner there moved along nicely and the servers were warm and lovely. The food was also exceptional (we could cut the filet mignon with our fork). The only service issue we experienced was once our breakfast room service was 15 minutes late because she had the wrong room number written down. Every other morning, it was there within the scheduled window. Oh, and once we had to ask twice for coffee at breakfast at the Palms. That's it.

    The Super Bowl beach party was exceptional. It's hard to believe all the work they do to make the party memorable. From the huge goal post that they erect, to the tailgate party before hand, to the popcorn and peanut "vendors", it's something to experience. If I can't actually be at the Super Bowl, I can't imagine watching the Super Bowl anyplace else!

    The mini-bar stocking worked flawlessly. We just put our list on the door at night before going to bed, and everything was restocked the next day. We did precheckin, and our minibar was stocked with everything we requested shortly after we checked in. Bob loved the Red Stripe in bottles. However, it was stunning to see people bringing bottles of Red Stripe to the pools and jacuzzis with them. One broken bottle, and I can only imagine the problems.

    There is a new putting green at the fitness complex. It is located behing the tennis courts along the jogging trail. Golf clubs are available at the front desk of the fitness complex. So, sorry, no miniature golf, but the green did look nice (there was even a practice bunker for chipping).

    And to answer one of my posts, there isn't any new equipment at the gym, but all of the equipment was in pretty good working order. I'd still love to see some new cardio machines.

    I'll post more later, but feel free to ask questions.

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    Sounds awesome, can't wait until April

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    Judy, Marlon is back on the "Snarklin" boat? Did you get "Swept off your feet at the bars"? That guy adds so much to the trips.

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    Sounds like you had a great trip. Since you've been to CSA before could you tell me where you trade in your towels when your done on the beach? Thank You!

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    The ice cream machine at the Cabana Grill is not a rumor!! We just left CSA on Monday, Feb 4 and one was installed and working there.....not sure if it was the one from Sea Grapes or not, we were assuming it was an additional one?!

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    I like the idea of having that "controlled" crossing... but knowing the drivers on the island, I can't imagine that this will provide anything more than improved visibility of that crossing. As such, I'm sure that the crossing guard(s) will still be there to operate the signal and to be sure that folks get across safely.

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Is it true the ONLY beer option is Red Stripe? What kind of rums did they have? Do they have Pepsi or Coke available?

    Going for the first time in April and am coming up with random off the wall questions.

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    Bob loved the Red Stripe in bottles. However, it was stunning to see people bringing bottles of Red Stripe to the pools and jacuzzis with them. One broken bottle, and I can only imagine the problems.

    This is the problem I spoke of before. People taking the bottels to the beach, by the pools etc. everywhere one should not take glass! I wonder if they would do that by their own pool at home. I also see alot of empty bottels just left wherever they ran dry. Guess they figure the staff will pick up after them. No class.

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    Name:  Bamboo Bar CSA 2013.jpg
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    BarDar - Oh, I miss Marlon! That was a typo on my part. I meant to say Oliver.

    B.O.B. - we would simply bring our beach towels back to our room with us and housekeeping would replace them with new beach towels. Alternatively, you can swap towels at the Watersports hut and there is also a towel hut on the south end of the beach in front of the swim-up bar.

    MN Truck - yes, the ice cream machine at the Cabana Grill is a great addition. We had heard a rumor, though, that this meant that they would take away the ice cream machine from Sea Grape. Again, just a rumor, but from a very reliable source!

    Chris - I agree with you on the crossing. I think they'll still need the guards, because some drivers won't stop for anything!

    Rhunter - We saw Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light at the resort. In the past there had been other brands, but that was all we saw on this trip. As far as rums, think Appleton! Coke products were available in both the mini-fridge and at the bars. In a change from the past, they now have the coke in plastic bottles with twist tops, which is a nice change from the glass bottles that they had before. I always felt like I would waste a lot when using the glass bottles from the mini-fridge, because I could not reseal the bottle and it would end up going flat before I would finish it all. They also have Ting in plastic bottles now, too. The photo above is from the Bamboo Bar and gives a good idea of the selection at the Beach Bars. Of course, there is an even better selection at the Martini bar and Aura Lounge.

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    I keep hearing issues with bugs on the beach at night. I have never been to Negril, but have not had this problem at the other resorts I have gone to. Should I bring bug spray or are things being blown out of perportion about this?

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    Hi Judy, as USUAUL , your posts are well written & SO informative! THX very much to you for taking the time to post so much 'good' information for all of us lurkers! We hadn't heard about the Frozen Yogurt machine being moved!! WHY??? If they feel a need to have one in the 'new' section, why not ADD one! With 300+ rooms, the math is simple. ADD another machine, don't move the one next to Sea Grapes. Just OUR opinion. A LOT of HAPPY guests will NOT be happy with that decision to move it. Jus sayin! BTW, booked yesterday for 2014! WOO HOO! See you there!

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    BobandJudy, thank you soo much for your information. I find it quite helpful, don't mean to sound like alchol snobs, but don't drink much and find that I am looking forward to testing things. First time going and just can't wait.

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    Default Beer Options

    Quote Originally Posted by Rhunter72 View Post
    Is it true the ONLY beer option is Red Stripe? What kind of rums did they have? Do they have Pepsi or Coke available?

    Going for the first time in April and am coming up with random off the wall questions.
    We've been to CN and CSA, several years ago all I saw was Red Stripe but the last two years I saw more American beer and less Red Stripe.

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    WOW, that is really some great info for us CSA "first timers".
    Thanks so much, we just can't wait to get there...just over 110 days!

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    Meg - the sand fleas tend to come out around dusk and at night. They're normally only a problem on the beach. For some reason, they find me tasty, while Bob never gets a single bite. So, yes, I bring "Off" and douse myself with it before dinner. It works great, and I think I only got 4 bites during the entire 10 day stay.

    Cindy - Karen is the one who told us about the possible move of the ice cream machine, so when I say reliable source, I mean reliable source! How was your trip home? Did you book for the same period for next year? It was great seeing you and Todge again. I hope that you had a safe trip home.

    Rhunter - you are going to love CSA! We all have our alcohol preferences; be sure to try Sangster's Rum Cream. If you've never tried it, it's like Baileys, but with rum. It is so yummy in coffee and on the rocks after dinner (or before dinner!).

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    Boband Judy - thank you so much for the update! Glad to hear that you had a fantastic time. We have 13 sleeps to go and then we will be at CSA once again. Can hardly wait!!!

    A little disappointed that it's mandatory to wear life jackets while snorkeling now. I think it totally restricts a person's movement and if one is a decent swimmer, I think it should be optional. I am a strong swimmer and have no problems asking for a "floatee" on the catamaran trip when I get into the water - but during snorkeling, too restrictive - just saying. I also thought miniature golf was being added, not a putting green...but as with everything in life, one has to go with the flow. The many amenities at Couples resorts makes that easy to do.

    Thanks again!

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    Warmweather - wow, you are getting close to CSA! I agree about the life jacket situation. I understand the reasons, but I totally hated wearing it. If nothing else, it makes it next to impossible to dive down if you see something interesting. We made a note of this on our comment card that we left at checkout. Maybe if enough people make a note of it on the comment card, it could make a difference. We brought our own snorkel gear, so after two snorkeling excursions, I gave up and opted to snorkel inside the roped off area. Of course, it wasn't as good as the snorkel tour, but we did see a lot of starfish, the occasional fish, and even a stingray one morning. It was also nice to snorkel and not have to worry about listening for the "whistle." Again, not a big deal, it is amazing all of the things that CSA has to offer.

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    Hey guys, the next time you go on the snorkle trip, just squeeze all the air out of the blow up vest. Diving down will not be a problem. It also makes if feel alittle "more" comfortable.

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    Hi Judy,
    Made it home safely BUT almost missed the plane! For those going to the Mobay Club, go to your gate EARLY, NOT when the Mobay Club calls you to board. We were the LAST people on the plane! YIKES!!We booked the same time, same BFP Suite. But staying 14 nites! 12 wasn't enough! THX again for your great review ! A big 'Howdy' to Bob too!! Maybe Karen will see this & leave the frozen yogurt machine right where it IS now, at Seagrapes!

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