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    Default It gets worse with each trip

    I'm laying here in bed staring at my half packed suitcases with butterflies in my stomach I check the countdown clock on my phone, 4 days, 8 hours, 16 minutes until we board the plane for our idea of Heaven on Earth. We are both so excited we can hardly stand it! Last night we stayed up talking about all of the great staff members we hope are still at CSA, this morning we got up talking about banana stuffed French toast and of course fish tacos were brought up at lunch. Tonight as we were eating dinner we looked out onto our deck that we cannot use because it is so cold and my husband says "I can't wait to be lying in that hammock with you!" Needless to say its all we can think about and I think the excitement and anxiousness gets worse with each trip!

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    Now that's the way to holiday! it starts 8 days before you go and will probably end 8 days from when you return. I hope you have a fantastic trip.
    We were at CSA 2 years ago and we are trying out CTI on 17th Feb. Like you the bags are packed and raring to go :-)

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    Indeed it does and in my case it starts as soon as I sit down on the couch when we get home from the previous trip. It's been 367 days for me. The last two are driving me crazy. Soon come!!

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    We are experiencing the same thing. We leave in 20 days.

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    I hear ya sister. We are a couple weeks out and have already started dreaming about some of the same things. Snapper sandwiches at the grill, sweet potato chips and dip, first breakfast on the veranda, and watching the beautiful sunsets on the beach.

    Dreaming of CSA helps the hard days pass and the good days soon come.

    Life is good

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    Totally understand Photochick! We're 34 days out and I have a hinky stomach. Hell I felt the butterflies once we booked the week! This will be #11 and I still get 'that' feeling... I hope it never leaves! Have an awesome holiday and enjoy your time in the sun! Love - Razzl

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    I agree with you and this is our 13th time, BUT your headline is very misleading. It is the waiting and not the trip itself that gets worse. Perhaps you meant it that way to entice more readers.

    My wife and I count the months, days, hours, minutes to the next trip (end of March). Time does fly by quickly with busy work schedules, soccer practices and the like, but when we get reminded of Jamaica it never is quick enough. We alway attempt to hold back from eating during the Christmas holidays and plan to get to the gym more often to shed some pounds. This way we can be more presentable on Tower Island and better enjoy Couples' delicious meals but before you know it we are packing our suitcases and trying to reduce the suitcase weight instead.

    To all our friends (old guests and staff alike) we will be home soon.
    Jens and Sue

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    ...soon come...

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    Its the same for me!! 6 days until, CN. All I can thunk about is that first look out over the pool. *Sigh!! Sitting on the deck at night listening to Moses sing during the bonfire. I could go on and on!!
    One Love,

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    haha....your post definitely caught my eye....have a great trip!!!

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    We call it vacation stress. I hate to say it but we have been going to the caribbean for 25 yrs. and it never goes away. I guess it is all part of the vacation experience. At least with Couples being a class outfit you don't stay stressed out going from the airport, checking in, or other problems with lower tier resorts. All resorts have problems now and then, but what matters is Couples resolves them

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    Quote Originally Posted by jkrarup View Post
    I agree with you and this is our 13th time, BUT your headline is very misleading. It is the waiting and not the trip itself that gets worse. Perhaps you meant it that way to entice more readers.
    Yes what I mean is the wait and anticipation gets worse with each trip. Our first time to Jamaica we were excited and didn't know what to expect. Before that the only other real beach vacation we had taken was to Hawaii and although it was great and I wouldn't turn down the opportunity to go again it just didn't live up to the hype. I remember planning for Jamaica trying not to set the bar too high so I wouldn't be let down then came our first drive to Negril. Around each turn was a new view more breathtaking than the last, the people were fabulous and the relaxed vibe was much more our cup of tea than what we experienced in Hawaii. The second trip came around and we knew how amazing it was. We had a better idea of what was waiting for us but this was the first time we stayed at CSA so there was still that little bit of wonder if the resort would really live up to expectations.... Well it did and then some. You know the saying "Once you go, you know". Well we know and it makes the waiting that much harder!

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    169 Days away and I am on the message boards every other day... this is going to be a painful six months and now I know for sure it is only going to get worse! First time for Couples and CSA, but from what I have read this resort lines up perfectly with my mentality. Can't wait.

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    Oh trust me..I have been feeling that feeling like crazy! We are 47 days (and counting of course). This will be our first visit to CTI, our first visit to a Couples Resort. We go married in Jamaica 10 years ago at a different resort that has since closed, so we decided to try Couples. I have the first time jitters just because we don't know what to expect at CTI and we have the excitement of going "home" to Jamaica and Dolphin Cove. Seems like such a long time away, yet it seems so close and I have so much to do! I already have the hubby digging out the baggage and planning on how I am going to pack. I snap awake at 5am thinking of stuff that I need to do before we leave and take care of. UGH! Make the time go faster..wait I am not quite ready...oh come on, is it May yet?

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    We leave in 6 days, and I am constantly checking message board. We cant wait to be back in paradise.

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    We know the feeling too. And I have to tell you, in case you think the thrill ever wears off, it doesn't. We're 9 days away from our 35 trip to CTI, and we're jumping around like kids on their way to Disney World. We found the old COR in 1995. It was our third trip to Jamaica and from then on, our lives changed forever.
    Like many couples, we went for seven days. We came back every year. But soon we found that seven days wasn't enough. You lose two days with travel. So we upped it to ten days. That was better for a while.
    Then we decided that waiting a whole year for each trip was getting harder to deal with. So we started going twice a year for usually 12 days each time.
    We're in a different place in our lives then many of the younger couples are. We've been married for 45 years and Couples has made all the difference in our relationship over the past 18 years.
    And every time another trip rolls around, we start carrying on all over again. It just doesn't get old. It keeps getting better. We know so many people that have been at the resort. And we have met so many guests over the years. Some of which have remained friends with us for years.
    At 72 years old, I can begin to see the end of my path. When that time arrives, I will be sitting on a chaise lounge out on Tower Isle, with my life long partner beside me. I will be in the end, as I was in the beginning, naked and ready to go.


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    Crabracer, that was just so eloquent! Good for you!

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