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    Default CSS Vetrans.... please help...

    Hello! We are going to CTI this April, and we were at CN last year. Of course we are already thinking about next year, and would like some advice. Is 2 weeks too long at CSS? Would It be "better" to split the trip between CTI and CSS? Thoughts? Thanks!!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    Every year, we add 1 day to our trip, so this April, we will be at CSS for 10 nights. I don't know if we can get away for a full two weeks, but would love to experience it once. Personally, after two weeks, we probably won't want to leave.
    Have a great time!
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    That's a very individual choice. For the wife and I, no its not too long. We spent 11 nights at CSS on our last trip, and will be there for two weeks on our next trip. We make a point of varying our dinner reservations as the menus change, and also go off resort to eat out a couple times. We could lay on the beach everyday from now until doomsday and would be happy doing it so we certainly don't get bored. Night life is not our thing so I can't tell you if that may become repetitive or not. During our last trip we had a couple of days of less than perfect weather (windy) which is always a possibility. With the longer vacation if weather interferes with your plans to go snorkeling, trip to the falls, etc.., you still have time to reschedule whatever it was you were going to be doing.

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    We would love to stay two weeks at CSS! we have stayed 7 days each of the last three years, but we are excited to be able to stay 9 this June. I can't say we have ever grown tired of our surroundings. We have met several Couples couples that do the split stay as you stated, and they seem equally pleased with that too. I doubt you can go wrong either way.

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    We have done 10 days at CSS and thought it was great.....14 days to me would be perfect! We didn't get bored at all. We just felt settled and rested.

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    Last year we split 8 nights with 4 at CN/4 at CSS. It was a little short on the split, but we were glad we did as we desperately missed CSS. This year I wanted to try out CTI, so we are splitting again 4/4 but it will be easier since they are close together. I wasn't sure if this is your first trip to CTI or not, but it seems to me to be a very easy split for 7CTI/7CSS. CSS is a fabulous place (our favorite) and lots of people stay there for 14 nights. We never have that long to spend on our vacation, so I can't speak from personal experience.
    Pros in my opinion for the split:
    You get to experience the different restaurants, activities and "feel" of each place and if you are a Romance Rewards member, each resort will count (and be booked) as a separate trip, so you get your rewards at each resort.
    The only question is why you are selecting CTI - is it because of the proximity or because you know you like CTI? Exploring a new Couples location is always fun, so have you been to CSA or would you want to return to CN? The travel time to change is certainly longer, but that is also something to consider.

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    If we had 2 weeks, I would do a split, no brainer!

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    Default 2 weeks is not too long...but we do split - 7 nights CTI, 10 CSS. That to us is just perfect...

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    IMHO, I would split the stay between the 2 resorts. We love CSS and will be there in June for 8 days. I just think a change in food and views would be more enjoyable. Enjoy!!

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    Haven't been to CTI, but I would kill for 2 weeks at CSS.

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    In our humble opinion 2 weeks at CSS or CTI would be too long. A split stay would be an awesome idea to entertain. This would allow the opportunity to experience everything that each resort has to offer and the ability, if you're a Romance Rewards member, to do the trading places between the 2 if you'd like (plus you can get your Romance Rewards perks at each). You're welcome!

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    I would do a split stay. We went to CSS in May last your and loved it, however on day 7 we were ready for some different food options.... that would be the only reason I would split the stay other then that CSS is truly amazing!

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    Thank you everyone!!
    -Annaleis & Neil (Should be 1cat2dogs)

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    Although we don't get away for 2 weeks every year on the years that we do we LOVE splitting out stays between two properties. We are doing a 2 week split between CTI/CSS this coming April and can't wait! We book very early to take advantage of early booking prices and resort credits (which we get for both reservations). Having been to all 4 couples properties, we have great difficulty trying to choose between them so a split makes the decision a little easier. Ha Ha.

    With that all said, i could easily do 2 weeks at CSS, or any Couples resort for that matter. Either way, you can't go wrong!


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