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    Don't worry mon. I don't know where those people stayed that were charged extra at the end of their stay, but it surly wasn't Couples. Once you have paid for your vacation, there will be no hidden charges for anything. Except phone calls charged to your room. That's it. And there is no tipping. Really. You will have a worry free time, enjoy as much food and drink as you would like, and still not be charged any more. Not even for the mini bar in your room. It truly is all inclusive. Relax and take it all in.

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    I have never been to Couples but did go to RIU two years ago. I have never heard of getting extra charges for things at an all inclusive, nor did we have to pay anything to board the plane. To me it sounds like your husbands friends are getting this mixed up with a cruise.

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    Someone is telling your husband incorrect information for some strange reason. Everything in the minibar in the room is included in the price you already paid. Some lower end A-I's might do that but Couples does not.
    Tell your husband to never trust whatever idiot told him that again.

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    There are no "hidden charges" at any Couples. They will, however, expect you to place a deposit of (I think) $300US. You'll get this at the end of your trip, minus any spending you've done at any of the shops or at the Spa. This is done because Couples is cashless - you just sign for any of your purchases and then ante up when you leave for home (so it's important to keep your receipts).

    There's no charge for mini bar consumption or for any of the alcohol you drink (with the exception of any of the wines off the wine list at the restaurants, although these are clearly identified).

    I've stayed at other AI's in Jamaica, and haven't had to pay for any hidden only thought is that your friends may have bought things when they were "under the influence," forgot they bought them and then got dinged with the charges when they left.

    So don't worry, be happy and enjoy thinking about what an AWESOME time you're going to have!!!!

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    No surprise charges ever! You can tip the spa staff and buy optional wine and photos and thing at the stores, otherwise every is really included.

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    I am sure a lot of people will respond to this but on our first trip to Couples I was shocked that it truly IS ALL INCLUSIVE. You do not pay FOR ANYTHING ELSE. I mean, if you didn't want to buy some things in the gift shop or do any extra excursion, you are completely paid for in this entire vacation. When we leave the resort, we owe zero. It is amazing and so stress free. You are going to be amazed!

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    The only extra charges you would have is if you bought something at the couples store, got a spa treatment, or purchased pictures. We never ever had to pay anything to board the plane. Just in case someone tries to tell you that you also have to tip, there is absolutely no tipping at couples.
    No worries mon! Enjoy your trip!
    We will be home in 49 days (5th trip)

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    Your husband can relax..... he got some bad information.
    There are NO hidden charges - that includes the mini bar and all tips. I have never paid extra to board a plan when leaving.
    No worries!
    Jan and Mark
    CN 2009
    CSA 2011, 2013
    CSS 2014

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    All the drinks in the mini bars and bars are free. You only pay for special wine form the wine list but theres plenty of house wine on offer. We have stayed at CSA twice, this year we are going to Negril. You dont need to spend any extra money at CSA unless you buy things for yourself in the gift shop. There is a departure tax payable at the airpot for leaving Jamaica, this is quite normal, everyone pays it. I have paid this tax for leaving various countries. Dont panic! You will love CSA.

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    No need to panic. The co-workers who gave your husband "advice" have obviously never been to one of the Couples Resorts. There are a few things that are not included in the all-inclusive package: spa services, excursions offered by a non-resort tour company, private dinners, items offered for purchase in the stores, and higher-end bottles of wine that you can purchase at dinner.

    Other than that, it's all included. You will not be charged for drinking the beer provided in your room; you've already paid for it as part of the all-inclusive price. We have stayed at all four of the Jamaica resorts for almost 20 trips, and the only charges for which we've been responsible at the end of any trip were for spa services.

    As for the "paying extra to board the plane on the way home," that fee is included in the price of your airline ticket. Take a deep breath, relax, and tell yourself that everything will be irie! You're going to love Couples and Jamaica.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    No hidden charges at Couples! Enjoy!
    We missed last year, will miss this year, but next year is our 20th....will not miss!

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    I've never heard of any of that. The resort puts a $300 hold on your credit card for incidentals, but we never had anything charged to our card. We paid for the spa separately, all drinks (bar drinks, minibar drinks, restaurant drinks) are ALL included. And we had our room fridge stocked daily (I drink a lot of wine ;-) ) There is no additional charge for any of that. And there was no entry or exit fee at the airport that I can remember. The only thing we really paid extra for was tipping the shuttle drivers and the tour drivers.

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    Yikes! Don't listen to your friends on this. I do not know about other AI resorts, but you will not be charged for any hidden "extras" at CSA, or any of the Couples resorts. When they say all inclusive, they mean all inclusive. You can spend extra if you wish on the spa, beach vendors, gift shop but you will always know when you are being charged for something as you will either dig out the cash on the spot or you will sign for it to be charged to your room. Nothing is hidden or a surprise when you check out. They will put a $300 deposit on your credit card on check in, this will not be charged unless you spend money at the resort. Otherwise it will be taken off when you check out. Something some folks forget about is making phone calls. These are not free or included. You will be charged for phone calls back home from your room. There are several methods for making calls, if you need info on these just ask here on the board or do a search for "phone calls".

    You can arrive at CSA, put your wallet in the safe and forget about it till you leave without spending another dime. You can eat, drink, enjoy the entertainment, beach and water activities to your hearts content and it is all covered, including the mini-bar. No worries!

    Oh, and there are no extra charges to board the plane to go home. All fees for entering or exiting Jamaica will be included in your air fare.

    Have a great trip! I promise, you will love CSA!

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    Not sure where your friends stayed, but there are no hidden fee's at Couples. The only things additional that are not included are Spa Visits, Private Dinners, Gift Shop if you order bottles of wine other than their house wines. All meals are included, all drinks are included, internet/computer use is included, no safe fee's, Catamaran Cruise, Snorkelling, Watersports, Scuba, Golf (except Caddy/Cart fee) are included.

    Punta Cana had odd entry and departure fee's but I don't remember that in JA.

    Relax every little Ting gonna be alright!

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    Okay...take a deep breath. Now let it out. This is Couples, not one of the other AI resorts you're talking about. There are no hidden fees! It's AI and that means nothing extra at the resort (including tipping). There are things you can buy in addition (dinner on the beach)...but you're told about the charge up-front. The only thing you'll pay extra for is excursions off the property that are not included and tips for drivers/people taking your baggage to/from the bus to the resort, etc. So, tell your husband to take you to CSA, relax and enjoy the most awesome AI experience. Oh...and sign up for Couples' Romance Rewards to get extra benefits.

    Have a great stay!

    Bart & Bug

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beach-bum View Post
    NOT TRUE! Couples does NOT have hidden charges. They are not like some of the other AI resorts. They do ask for a deposit on a credit card at check in. This is for extras like purchases at the gift shop or use of the spa. (You get this back at check out if not used).

    The airport charges are part of your airline ticket price. Not part of Couples. And should be included in the cost of the tickets.

    Relax and enjoy your vacation. You are going to Jamaica!

    Life is good

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    Not only does Couples not have hidden charges it is possible to receive resort credits. Returning guests(repeaters) can earn up to $200 per visit. Couples has also offered resort credits for booking at certain times of the year and/or for booking at certain resorts. Last year we received $500 in resort credits and this year we will receive $700. Any items that incured an extra charge at Couples needed to be signed for. This will be our 9 trip to a couples resort and never has there been an issue with a charge to our account.

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    Thank you all so much for all your help! I have pulled up so much stuff and read it and am so thrilled with my decision to go to Couples! I know he will love it too. This message board is a god send! Anyone there Aug 20-25, we will see you there!

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    Glad you guys mentioned the $300.00 US deposit because if I did read about I had forgot .

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    Ditto from what everyone says. NO hidden charges. Look forward to having a lovely time amd a beautiful holiday. Razzl

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    The only thing even remotely close to a hidden charge for us was a US$2.00 connection fee per telephone call placed from the room. It wasn't "hidden" for us since I asked before placing the call. Other than that, I agree qith all of the above.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    If you are a person who takes no excursions, does not use the spa, does not play the casino and buys no souvenirs, you could get by with $50 per person cash and come home with change. If I do nothing but tip I spend a whopping total of $35 per person for me and my wife. I tip the shuttle driver, the red hat at the airport and the catamaran dudes and/or the beach musicians. My wife does not drink but I sure do, and I use the mini bar, all the bars and eat and drink anything and everything I want, and still only spend $35. When you have paid for your airlines and your Couples Resort, you are done, other then tips.

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