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    Default CSA - Honeymoon!

    Hello everyone! New to the message board here although I have been doing the majority of my research here on all Couples properties. We have decided on Couples swept away as our honeymoon destination this upcoming summer. Extremely excited about it and have a few questions for you experienced Couples travelers.

    I am getting conflicting results on the difference between the "premier beachfront suite" and the "beachfront suite". I have done countless hours of research (trip advisor, couples website, etc.) my ultimate question and debate that is keeping me from booking just yet is what room to get.

    Atrium suites look wonderful and seem to be a great option as well.

    If anyone can please help me out by telling me the difference between the premier and beachfront suite I would greatly appreciate it. And/or give suggestions as to what room category they seem to enjoy the welcome!!!

    As I understand, all rooms are great in their own way but would like some thoughts from those who have had those experiences with these rooms. If I left any information out that would be helpful to answer my questions, please let me know!

    Also any tips/comments you would like to leave about CSA would be great! Thanks so much in advance...

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    The only difference is location, barely. There are certain Beachfront Suite room numbers that have a great view - so much so that guests were constantly requesting these specific rooms. So, Couples decided to 'upgrade' those few rooms to Premier Beachfront Suites so people could pay extra and be guaranteed the room.

    We have stayed in the Beachfront Suites and the Verandah suites. Happy to share pics and differences -
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    There's a thread on this:

    randymon (Randy Russell: Chief Romance Officer and Senior Vice President, Couples Resorts) explained it well.

    "At CSA there are a total of 20 "Beachfront Suites". Of the 20, there are 8 with very large "wrap-around" balconies. This is really the only difference, however, many of our repeat guests are aware of the larger balconies and request to be accommodated in these suites upon arrival. As there are only 8, it is often the case that these are occupied.

    To avoid disappointment and to ensure that those who prefer these larger balconies are accommodated accordingly, we have elected to create another category named "Premier Beachfront Suite".

    We know from experience that the volume of specific requests for these suites will justify our decision to split up the Beachfront Suite category. So now there are 12 Beachfront Suites and 8 Premier Beachfront Suites...

    f you have a BFS booked they will get one of the 12 suites in buildings 34, 37 or 38.

    The upstairs smaller unit in Buildings 35, 36, 40, and 41 are listed in the system as an Atrium.

    If you upgrade to PBS you will get one of the larger units in buildings 35, 36, 40, or 41. The rooms on the upstairs do have a large balcony as well."

    In other posts we learn that these are the
    room numbers:
    Building 35, rooms 1128 & 1228
    Building 36, rooms 1126 & 1226
    Building 40, rooms 2134 & 2234
    Building 41, rooms 2136 & 2236

    My fiancee' and I stayed in a Premier Beach Front this past September, and we just booked our honeymoon in a Premiere for 11/1 to 11/11/12.

    You can't go wrong at CSA: every room is in paradise.
    But spring for the upgrade if you can: it's worth it in our humble opinions.

    Congratulations on your engagement
    You and your fiancee' are going to LOVE CSA


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