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    Default Deluxe Ocean Rooms

    We booked a Deluxe Ocean room at CTI On Couples web page there is No Deluxe Rooms listed. Does anyone know which building these rooms are? or is there a problem with the web site that Deluxe Rooms do not show up on their site. Will be back home April 2013.

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    We booked the Deluxe Ocean View room last June believing we had booked a room with an ocean view that included the Island. Not so… The Deluxe Ocean view are in the farthest block, Block 5 if I remember right (to be fair, no block is far, everything is within a pleasant stole) Block 5 faces away from the resort with a view along the coast. Its not an unpleasant view but it is not a view of the Island if that is what you expect.
    We explained our disappointment to reception and they upgraded us free of charge.
    I can only speak highly of couples, the staff and services are second to none. You will have a fantastic time wherever you stay.
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    We got a Deluxe Ocean room (as Shaowel and Mal above described) on our first trip, which was a Secret Rendezvous. We loved it! Very quiet and private, but not facing the Island. This time we are in a Premier Ocean, I am hoping for quiet along with our lovely view. 39 days!

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