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    So I saw in the All Things Barbados thread a mention of the water being rougher at certain times of day or year. I understand that early morning is best. Which are the calmer months and rougher months? The beach is very important to us and we love using the floaties in the water. Hoping to get to Barbados soon )

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    Randy just mentioned in his latest post about Barbados that there will be no floaties for now at Couples Barbados. I have been to that resort about twenty years ago in January, and the waves were quiet good for body surfing. I was a lot younger, so had a great time in the water, but I did get flipped around a lot.

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    We have been to Barbados twice: once in April and once in October. The water was very rough during October, and I would guess it would be rougher anytime during hurricane season. In April, the water was much calmer, but we were staying on the west coast then. The south coast will get more wave action than the west coast regardless of the time of year.

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    We went to the resort right next door (Turtle Beach) in November 2011 and there was a red flag everyday. The only water activity we could do was boogie boarding and even that was only if you were a very strong swimmer and you had to stay in a small cordoned off area.

    My parents have been to the Casaurina a few times and it was always hit or miss with the water. It is rough more frequently than not unfortunately.

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    Thanks for the tips. This could definitely change our plans. We like to spend a lot of time by and in the ocean and rough water isn't fun... Cabos was a good example of this. Also Barbados is not an easy or short destination to get to from the US.

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