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    Default Luminous Lagoon - March trip

    Hi everyone!

    My husband and I are staying at CTI in March 2013 but we would love to see the Luminous Lagoon and the famous Rick's Cafe! The trips only go with a minimum of 4 people. Anyone interested in making either of those trips?

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    My wife & I went to the Luminous Lagoon last Sept. It was incredible. Make sure you take your swimsuit & water shoes & swim in the water. The water is about 4 feet deep, but the bottom is muddy.

    Rick's Cafe is on the other side of Jamaica in Negril, over 3 hours drive one way.

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    John, you will LOVE luminous lagoon! We took our kids a few yrs ago when we stayed at a family resort. That resort's (Again, not couples) pricing was quite expensive. We decided to have our taxi driver take us. We arrived early, ate dinner and then did excursion. With the cab fare (and good tip), meals and expense of lagoon we saved $! So if all else fails...hail a taxi!
    Erin N Steve (always Erin)

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