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    Hi -

    More of an etiquette question .... in Canada we usually bring a noodle or two out into the water. They are noodles that float - do you know if anyone brings them on holiday ? The floaties look good, but they seem like a lot just to stay above water. In case people don't know what the noodle is I've put the link below

    Big Boss Water Noodle, Assorted | Canadian Tire

    Thanks !

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    I've never seen one at CSA and am curious how you plan on packing it to get one to Jamaica.
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    Noodles are great!! I've used them in aquacize classes at the pool, and at the lake in the summer! Getting on and off a floatie is difficult for me so I just go out and float around by myself. Apparently I've inherited a "float" gene from my mother who had always floated like a cork....I just pull my feet up like I'm sitting on a chair, and float around! It doesn't work for everyone....told my husband to do that and he floated like a rock!

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    They are not supplied and I have never seen them being used. Once you take a floatie out into the warm Caribbean waters below and the hot sun above, you will absolutely love laying out there on it. They are a great temperature equalizer and amazingly relaxing as you slowly drift on the calm waters. One of my favorite things to do. Couples is one of the few resorts that allow them to be used in the ocean and not just the pools. Tried it at one of the "S" resorts several years ago and security made us bring it out of the water. Couples just wants us all to be happy mon.

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    You can bring them, but I am not sure how you would pack them.
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    Never seen a noodle but the floaties are awesome.

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    Hi guys
    The floats are great! You may struggle for a second to get up on it but once you are you won't have any trouble staying on it. It doesn't get any better than being out on the water with a drink floating to your heart's content. You definitely won't miss your noodle

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    I have never seen anyone with a noodle...but I can't imagine anyone would care. No ettiquette issues (unless you bring the noodle into the fancy restaurant while wearing a sleeveless tee-shirt and a dirty baseball cap ).

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    I have never seen noodles at Couples. The floaties are wonderful because you can hang from them and have some where to put your drink. Well at least at CN, most of the time the water is so calm that you can rest your drink on the floatie as well.
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    I would also think that they would take up a lot of room in your suitcase.
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If they get mad, you will be a mile away and they will be barefoot!

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    Never seen a noodle at CSS. The floaties are just soooo comfortable! I have taken quite a few naps in the middle of the pool under that warm Jamaican sun!

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    While we have Noodles at home that we use in the pool during the summer, I have never seen anyone with them at Couples, nor have I ever seen them available.. Seems to me I do remember, while walking the beach at Couples Negril, that I saw some in use at one of the Family resorts. I would think you would have to bring your own, and that could make for some interesting packing, but if that is what "floats ya" it's your vacation so enjoy it. No Problem Mon!

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    I love noodles too we float around our pond with them. But no people do not really take noodles to couples, that doesn't mean you can't tho....not sure how well they will travel however.

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    Hi guys. really no need to bring a noodle. I dont think i've ever seen one at any of the resorts. The couples floaties are great, they are easy to get on and your head stays above water. Really, don't bother. Cheers!

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    Not worth bringing them with you. We use them all the time at home but the floaties work just fine.

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    I believe you will not need nor want a noodle in Jamaica. The chair cushions work great and there are plenty to go around. I don't think I've ever seen anyone with a noodle in the water. And there's less to pack. Enjoy!

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    At CN they are used in the Aquabics classes (provided). For the past two years, I have brought flat noodles down. This year I am bringing real noodles. As far as packing them - they provide extra padding in my golf bag.

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    The only noodles I have seen at Swept Away were at Lemongrass!

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    I am sitting at work and just reading the forum.

    Reading all of these posts about the floaties is making me smile but more than anything making me CRAVE being on one!

    Hehehe! 45 days and CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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