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    Default Arriving on a Tuesday, busy? not busy? at airport/customs?


    We are arriving Tuesday April 9th and are wondering if the airport/customs are very busy. We were thinking that arriving on Tuesday might be a good idea as it might be slow? Are we right about our assumption?


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    Yes you are right, it is much les crowded during the week (Monday thru Thursday)

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    We have arrived twice on a Tuesday, during the middle of the day, and both times we just breezed right through both immigration and customs and were in the Couples Lounge in just a few minutes. In April we're arriving on a Monday and hope it goes as well as Tuesdays!

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    Yes, you are correct, We usually use the Tuesday USAirways flight arriving around 11:30 and then take the 3:30 flight out on the following Tuesday. Depending upon the time of year, the airport was empty both ways for us this past September.

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    We flew into MBJ on the 15th of January this year (which was a Tuesday) and customs was not to bad. I would monitor how many flights are arriving out your arrival time, and you will be able to judge the custom line off that. We did end up taking TimAir to Negril this year, and it was well worth it. We may try the Club Mobay services next year, and that is where they escort you off the plane and thru customs.

    Have fun on your trip! 328 sleeps until we return back to CN!

    Terry & Ashley

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    Not sure, but that's the day we're arriving and going to CN!
    Emily & Chuck
    CN - April 9-14, 2013

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    For the past several years, we have been flying in and out on Tuesdays. The crowd has been quite small. No more than 2-3 planes in at a time. We have been told that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the quieter days


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    Does anybody know how Mondays are? We are trying to figure out if we should do the club mobay arrival or not.
    Arriving Monday 3/4/13 and leaving 3/11/13.

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    We will be arriving on Tuesday April 9th. CSA, 4 of us. Can't wait!!!!

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    The past 2 years we have arrived on Wednesday and it hasn't been a problem at all. We got in and out of customs and airport without a problem. Well, not exactly. Last year our friends were joining us and on the customs sheet they give on the plane, where they ask "are you bringing in more than $10,000" MaryEllen marked "Yes" (she didn't have her glasses on). Well when the customs agent saw that he asked "where's the money?" and she and her husband were like what money - thought poor John was going to have a heart attack. So they had to have their baggage inspected, so that took a few minutes to do. But the bottom line is that I don't think you will have a problem on a Tuesday. Only 62 more days to go to CN!

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    My husband and I are arriving the same day! Woo Hoo!

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    You can use to monitor flights, it will provide with a pretty good idea as to how many flights will be arriving around the same time as you.

    Track MBJ Airport

    we will be arriving on a Tuesday as well (in June)

    Only 99 days, 4 hours and 6 minutes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by L&H View Post
    Does anybody know how Mondays are? We are trying to figure out if we should do the club mobay arrival or not.
    Arriving Monday 3/4/13 and leaving 3/11/13.
    We left on a Monday in 2011 and it was pretty busy. We waited in line for security for at least 30 minutes, if not more. The line was almost all the way to the door.

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    We arrived Jan. 26 this year and hit customs around 2:30 pm. No one was in line ! We were checked in and at the luggage rack within 5-10 minutes ! What a great surprise.

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