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    Default Does CSS have a sexy vibe anywhere on the property?

    My husband and I like the fact that Couples Resort's website is framing our expectations for a romantic experience. We are planning our trip to CSS for July or August. We want a "romantic/wine and candle light" feel in some corners of the resort, but we also are hoping the vibe of the place will be sexy in some areas. I'm not talking Hedonism sexy, but I am hoping that other women will be bringing sexier bikinis (thongs?) for the main beach and sexier dresses for some night time activities.

    We went to St. Martin last year and found Orient Beach a bit disappointing. It was our first AN experience, but the environment wasn't sensual in a way that made us want to run back to our hotel room.
    We realize that not everyone is looking for a sensual AN experience, but we are.
    I realize that each week the vibe of the place will vary based upon who will be there and I know that the trip is about the experience that my husband and I will share. But the vibe of an environment will influence our experience.

    What is the vibe of SSB vs. the main beach or pool?
    Will there be music at pools or beaches? If so, what variety?
    Has anyone found one Couples location to be sexier than another?

    Thanks for your help!

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    Hmm. Well, the "sexy vibe" is going to all be between you and your husband - in other words, it is what you make of it between yourselves.

    There is nothing specifically or overtly sexual, anywhere on the resort. That being said, you might see a bikini or two that you would consider "sexy", and many women do dress for dinner in "sexier dresses" as you say. But as for a "vibe" that will send you "running back to your hotel room", probably not.

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    If you are looking for a sensual experience at the AN facility, you may be sadly disappointed.

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    Spike (my wife) and I will be there July 23rd to Aug 2nd first time to CSS but been many to CN and CSA, in a good sense she is known for her sexy evening style and shoes and spends the day on the beach in JUST a thong. So go for it and enjoy yourself.

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    Went to CSS last year and spent every day on SSB. I would describe the vibe at the entire resort (including SSB) as relaxed and mellow, not sexy.
    CSS - March, 2012, April, 2018
    CTI - March, 2013, 2014, 2015, October, 2016, March 2017

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    I actually agree with every comment, but I think what is sensual can mean different things to different people. It is an amazing place to be with the one you love. The environment has everything you could possibly want to encourage reconnecting, relaxing and romancing. For us, we both wear so many different hats in our daily lives, it is gratifying for one week to set everything aside and solely focus on each other. When you multiply that same focus and feeling by all of the couples that are at CSS...I think its a very sexy vibe, sensual vibe, romantic it what you want. The happiness is contagious...the hand holding, the spontaneous kisses, the laughter...very nice environment when you consider the hectic lives most of us leave behind. That might not be what you were after, but I believe you will find exactly what you are looking for, in fact you're bringing him with you! Once ya'll shed the stress and the cares you will have all the vibe you need.

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    While we haven't been to CSS we have been to CTI multiple times and are returning this August. We are very much like you and love that "sexy" feel. I love to wear very sexy/small bikinis and sometimes a thong and my husband loves seeing me wear them in public. That being is what you make of it and a big part can be who is at the resort at the time that you are. Our first trip was not like this at all and we went back because we loved the staff and the resort but our last two trips have been VERY sexy. We ahve a few tips to share if you would like to hear as to how we make sure we have a sexy time at Couples. If you care to contact us directly to fill you in that might be better. mctighth2400@gmail is our shared email hope to hear from you.

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    Hello, my wife and I are heading down to CSS and are also curious about your tips to make the trip a bit more sexy, it is ourvsecondtime at Couples and love Couples and Jamaica. Thx in advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tsh View Post
    Hello, my wife and I are heading down to CSS and are also curious about your tips to make the trip a bit more sexy, it is ourvsecondtime at Couples and love Couples and Jamaica. Thx in advance.
    send us an email

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    The vibe in our room is super sexy. It tends to be that way a lot. There are 2 of us in there alone, thats why the resort is called couples.

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