My husband and I like the fact that Couples Resort's website is framing our expectations for a romantic experience. We are planning our trip to CSS for July or August. We want a "romantic/wine and candle light" feel in some corners of the resort, but we also are hoping the vibe of the place will be sexy in some areas. I'm not talking Hedonism sexy, but I am hoping that other women will be bringing sexier bikinis (thongs?) for the main beach and sexier dresses for some night time activities.

We went to St. Martin last year and found Orient Beach a bit disappointing. It was our first AN experience, but the environment wasn't sensual in a way that made us want to run back to our hotel room.
We realize that not everyone is looking for a sensual AN experience, but we are.
I realize that each week the vibe of the place will vary based upon who will be there and I know that the trip is about the experience that my husband and I will share. But the vibe of an environment will influence our experience.

What is the vibe of SSB vs. the main beach or pool?
Will there be music at pools or beaches? If so, what variety?
Has anyone found one Couples location to be sexier than another?

Thanks for your help!