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    Default CN- Catamaran Cruise

    I see the Catamaran cruise begins at 4....How long does it last?

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    Default Till Sunset...

    Generally about 2 1/2 hours. We were back around 6:30.

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    We've been on it twice and both times it took 3 hours. Got back right at 7:00 both times.
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    Appreciate it! Any alcohol on-board other than rum punch? any snacks?

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    It is also referred to as the "Booze Cruise"!
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    How is the cruise for a person who may get sea sick?

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    The Catamaran usually comes back just as the sun is setting. Probably 1.5 hours long. There is no snacks on the cat cruise so grab your own before you leave.

    Rum punch and Red Stripe.

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    The only drinks I remember are rum (mixed with juice or stright up) and beer. And as I recall we were back between 6:30 and 7:00 both times we went on the cruise. You will really enjoy it.

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    They have Rum punch on board which to be honest isn't very good. But they also had Red Stripe on tap which was cold when we went but I've heard of another that went while we were down there and they said it was hot. Bring a drink from the bar, try one rum punch, hope for Red Stripe and enjoy the cruise. It was a blast!

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    the only alcohol besides rum punch is beer. bring a sweatshirt and towel, no matter what time of the year we go, i am always cold on the return trip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeandMegan View Post
    How is the cruise for a person who may get sea sick?
    A few years back, a kind woman from the state of Washington helped me over my seasickness on the ferry to Cozumel. She recommended Ginger tablets and gave me a few to try on my return trip. It worked! Also, the ginger tablets were featured on an episode of Myth Busters. Again, they proved that it worked. I NEVER travel without a supply!!! Take two 15 minutes prior to getting on any boat. They can be purchased at a GNC store. Good Luck!

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    What exactly is the catamaran cruise like? I booked it for my soon to be hubby and our guests. I was told/read that it takes you to a cave where you can snorkel and then a cliff if you want to jump that true? BTW I'm going to be at CSA so it should be basically the same cruise. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,

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    are you saying you were able to book it w/o you being there yet? If so, how....

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    Hi Dee,

    Not sure how you were able to book it prior to arriving at CSA, but it is true that it goes to the westend of Negril. That is were Rick's cafe is. Yes you can snorkle, the water is about 25 ft deep but so clear you can see to the bottom. And you can climb up the cliffs to jump off. Not sure that is something that I would ever want to do but it is fun watching people do that.

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    Is the cruize only on certain evenings?

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    Tha catamaran only goes out on certain days. If you look at the daily activity listing for each resort it will show you which days.

    CN: Monday, Thursday and Saturday

    CSA: Monday and Tuesday

    CTI: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

    CSS: Not available

    You can only book the catamaran cruise while you are at the resort as there is no way to book it prior. You do so by making an appearance at the activity hut and telling them you wish to sign up for the catamaran cruise. It is strongly suggested you do so early.

    Not sure if cliff jumping is allowed anymore. The lawyer types got involved last I heard.

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    Thank you! I should have looked before I asked! I appreciate it. I think I will pass on the cliff diving, I don't see that mixing well with Rum punch, I'd rather have the R punch!

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    Ok, so there is an activity hut? Would that be outside near watersports or an excursion desk inside? Don't mind me I'm taking notes. First trip to Couples in March and I don't want to miss the Catamaran Cruise...went on one one year but it was with a group of Italians staying at Merrils that had rented it for the evening and was lucky enough to be invited to tag was a AWESOME!

    And I did jump at Rick's...never again.

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    Ask at the Watersports shack for the sign up for the catamaran cruise and they will take care of you.

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    Dee ~ The Couples trip can not be booked until you arrive at the resort, so I am guessing that you booked with an outside company. I would cancel the reservation and use the free trip that Couples offers. It is a blast and does the same thing as the outside company offers.
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