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    Default Help with CSA Beachfront Suite??

    Does anyone have any pictures of their Beachfront Suite? We booked the Beachfront Suite and we are now wondering if we would rather pay the extra for the Premier Beachfront suite. Since the website doesn’t seem to have any pictures of this room….I was wondering if any past guests could help us out!

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    The rooms are the same, and there is no difference in location.
    The difference is the huge wrap around porch on the Premier Beachfront - all of which are corner units.
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    Here's some pics of CSA...including our Beachfront Suite (1229): Csa/Cn 2011 - a set on Flickr. Here's also a link to pics that include the Premier Beachfront Suite: Csa/Css'10 - a set on Flickr.

    Have an awesome stay...then post your pics for everyone to see!

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    This is a villa that has the Beachfront and Premier Beachfront Suites. The Premier BFS rooms are the upstairs and downstairs on the right side. The BFS is the upstairs room showing on the left. They may be a little smaller rooms (not sure) but the main difference is the smaller balcony on the side of the building rather than the larger upstairs balcony or wrap around porch downstairs facing the water. We love the sunset views of our PBFS but everyone has their own preference and budget.

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    Thank you, Jan for your help and info!
    Also, thank you Bart and Bug for the pictures. I am glad I got to see that the 2 are pretty similar. Since it is our honeymoon, we wanted to splurge and go for the beach front room and I don't think we will be disappointed either way!

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    You're welcome. They are very similar (except for the size of balcony). We didn't spend a lot of time there so it wasn't a problem. Congrats on the upcoming honeymoon. Enjoy your stay at CSA!!!

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    rckbert, the second floor room to the left is an atrium suite and not a BFS. I'm pretty sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarDar View Post
    rckbert, the second floor room to the left is an atrium suite and not a BFS. I'm pretty sure.
    The Atrium Suites are the second row of buildings behind the Beachfront Suites. The room in the upper left on the picture is a BFS and the smaller balcony facing the side rather than the water is the main reason they made the new category of Premier Beachfront Suite a year ago. They had gotten complaints that the three rooms in the BFS buildings were not equal from people staying in that room although they had cost the same. Now there is no confusion.

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    Not so BarDar...Atriums are behind, inland of, the beachfronts.

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    Hey guys comon, check the property map.For example, Bld. 35 has 2 PBFS and the smaller side room is listed as an atrium suite, rm. 1229. Bld. 36 has 2 PBFS also and rm. 1227 is listed as an atrium suite. 1126 and 1226 are the PBFS. Just sayin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarDar View Post
    Hey guys comon, check the property map.For example, Bld. 35 has 2 PBFS and the smaller side room is listed as an atrium suite, rm. 1229. Bld. 36 has 2 PBFS also and rm. 1227 is listed as an atrium suite. 1126 and 1226 are the PBFS. Just sayin.
    What map are you looking at? The property map on the Couples site does not break things down to room numbers but if you click on Atrium Suites it highlights the second row of buildings. Last year we stayed in a PBFS and my son and his fiance stayed in an Atrium Suite behind us. Where do you think the regular BFS rooms are? There are only 3 categories on the beach...BFS, PBFS, and BFVS.

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    I got this map a few years ago, I think it was at Swept Away. According to the map, the BFS, and this will include the PBFS as the map was configured before the change, are in 7 bldgs. 34-41. There are 20 rooms. Four of the BFS buildings have Atrium suites in them. 35,36,40,41. The rooms are numbers 1229, 1227, 2233, and 2236. All these rooms have small balconies that look more onto the gardens, hense the cat. name. We usually stay in 1126 or 1226 which is bld. # 36, and 1227 which is upstairs and across from 1226 is not a BFS. Can't wait to get back!

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    BarDar is right. We were given room 1227 last year which is in building 35. It is an atrium suite on the left side of building and on the right are two bfs. We changed rooms as book the atrium for balcony and hammock of which this balcony didn't have. There is a map we get when we are at couples that has all the rooms listed in each building and what category it is. There are only four of these type of Atrium rooms and all the rest are in the buildings behind.

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    The PBFS are 2 rooms are in buildings 35, 36, 40 and 41. One on the top floor and one on the ground floor. BFS are in buildings 34, 37, and 38. All 4 rooms are BFS's. The 2nd room on the top floor of the PBFS were at one time (long ago) considered a BFS when buildings 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40 and 41 were all BFS. Couples eventually recatorgorized them as Atrium suites. Rckbert, that would be the map you are looking at. However the map we got at New Years this year those rooms ( 1229, 1227, 2233 and 2236) have been removed from the Atrium category and aren't listed anywhere on the map.

    Both the BFS and the PBFS are beautiful rooms. If it's your honeymoon I'd suggest splurging and getting a PBFS. You wont be disapointed.

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    I'd pay the extra. Here's a picture of our BFS from last year. There was a huge plant in the corner that blocked our view. We couldn't see the ocean at all

    View from patio:
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    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Thank you everyone for the pictures and responce...I loved looking at the pictures and reading about the room choices! I went onto the website where we booked our vacation package, and there is no longer a listing for Premier Beachfront. I am not sure if it is because they are sold out or not. For that reason, we have decided to stick with what we got and put the extra money towards dinner on the beach or something like that!
    If anyone has any additional pictures or information to share on the BFS...I would still love to hear about it, since it still seams as thought the PBFS is shown in all the pictures!
    Thanks again! August cannot come soon enough!!!

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    The PBFS is no longer on the website because there are so few that they have now that it's a different room category. They are afraid to have them available online because it results in overbooking. If you want to book this room, you have to call the resort yourself. The tricky thing... and I learned this the hard way, is that the resort cannot book your flight for you. The room + flight package can ONLY be made online. I did a lot of extensive research, and at least for the websites that I visited, it is much cheaper to book the two at the same time.

    SOOOO long story short, if anyone is interested in getting the PBFS and airfare at the same time, this is what I did:

    1.) Book a different room online so that you can get the room + flight package. I booked a BFVS or you could do a BFS, same price.
    2.) Call the resort and ask to be upgraded to the PBFS. You have to see if they have any available available of course, but if they do, they reserve it for you, and charge the credit card you provided the extra difference that you would owe.

    My fiance and I are booked for our honeymoon the end of August... and we cannot wait to be in this room!!!!!!!

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    Thank you for the input, whitneybri. We are going towards the end of August for our honeymoon as well. Can't wait!!!! We will be there on the 17th and leaving 1 week after that, how about you?

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    We will JUST miss you guys! We're getting married August 24th and after a red eye on the 25th, we will arrive in sunny Jamaica on the 26th. We cannot wait! Hope you guys have an amazing time!

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