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    Default Air Shuttle from Montego Bay to Negril question

    Has anyone done the air shuttle service from Montego Bay to Negril? If so what are your thoughts about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninny View Post
    Has anyone done the air shuttle service from Montego Bay to Negril? If so what are your thoughts about it.
    It does not save you time vs the shuttle

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    Last year we used Timair and after that experience we will not use them again. We were told the plane was on its way back and would only be a minute or two(ended up being over a 1/2 hr if not longer). When actually they were waiting for another couple to arrive. In the end the shuttle beat us to CSA. In the past(2 previous trips) we have had excellent service from Timair but this one bad experience has left a bad taste in our mouth, so we will go back to riding the shuttle---March 29th soon come

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    We've done it twice and both times we were at the resort well ahead of the bus. It was also really cool to fly so low along the coast line...and once we landed at the Negril airport, Delores (I believe her name was) was there waiting with Ice cold Red it was also cool to hang out for a few minutes chatting with the pilot and locals. It was $100/person the first time and $120/person the second time. We look at it as an "excursion" of sorts and have only used it to get to the resort. On the way back, we take the bus.

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    We used Airlink Feb 1. I had chartered a flight on TimAir. I sensed them trying to stall so I asked them if the plane was ready. I finally got them to admit that it would be 30 minutes. 30 minutes in "Jamaica time" means probably closer to an hour. I fired them on the spot, made them give me my cash back and walked over to the Intl Airlink guy and asked him if he had a plane ready to go right now. He said yes and we were literally in the air 5 minutes later for $10 less than Timair. They just told me to pay they guy in Negril, there was no paperwork or hassles involved. They offered a taxi when we landed in Negril but since we travel with just a backpack and a carry-on we opted to walk to CN. It is only about the length of a football field to the entrance and you don't even have to walk on the shoulder. There is plenty of room to walk off the road so you are safe. If you can carry your bags, just walk. When you walk out of the drive of the Negril Aerodrome, you can see entrance to CN down the road to your right. We had met some people on our flight from Atlanta to Mo Bay who were also going to CN. We beat them to the resort by a full 2 hours.

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    I would recommend TimAir over Airlink based on the reviews I read. We booked Airlink before we knew about TimAir. Our flight to Jamaica was about 20 minutes late landing so we missed our scheduled time. We were told we would be on a flight in 20 minutes. In the end we waited over 2 hours to get on the plane. Very frustrating.


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    I'm sorry some people did not have a good experience, but for us, we LOVE TIMAIR! From the time we landed in Montego, to clearing customs and immigration, checking in at the lounge, and flying to Negril - it only took us less than an hour. The flight itself is 14 minutes. Last year we beat the bus by an hour and a half. We didn't have to wait on the TimAir plane, but I booked it in advance so maybe that's why they were waiting for us?
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    Amy, I am sure that my experience could have happened on Airlink or Timair depending upon the circumstances but just for the record I booked my Timair plane 1 month before departure and asked for and received confirmation the day before departure. If Airlink had not had a plane ready to go, I would have just walked back and ridden the bus. I was not about to pay $250 to stand there and wait!!!

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