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    Default ATM and traveller checks at CSA?

    My husband and I are headed to CSA for the first time in 24 days. I don't like to travel with a lot of cash, so was wondering does CSA have an ATM? Has anyone used it? If they do not have one, where would be the closet ATM?
    I know many people say traveller checks are the thing of the past, but was wondering would they cash them at the front desk?
    Thank you!

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    Upstairs from CSA lobby is an ATM and gives US dollars. We have used it with no issues.

    There was also a money exchange desk upstairs, not sure if they cash travelers checks but i am sure you could call and find out.

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    All Couples Resorts are cashless, so they do not have any cash to cash traver's checks with.
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    Thank you. Good to know about the ATM.

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    You really don't need cash unless you walk off-property to buy things. Gift shop purchases, spa treatments, etc.., can be charged to your room. We usually travel with $250 in small bills and keep it in the room safe. We've never had a problem, and never spend it all!
    If you don't leave the resort, you truly will never need your wallet during your stay.
    Have fun!
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