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    Default CSA Premier Beachfront Suite?

    The other day, I did a mock booking for the end of August to see what this suite would cost, and it appeared. Now it no longer appears as an option. I thought maybe it was sold out, so I checked weeks in September and October - still not an option. Is this room something that needs to be booked by calling?


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    First of all there aren't that many of them so you have to book early. Secondly, we usually do have to call them directly to see what days, if any, they are available and book them on the phone. The PBFS may not be available for all of the days you searched for which would tell you they are not available at all so changing your stay a few days may help but you will only know by talking to customer booking. They are very accomodating if at all possible. If you don't mind changing rooms during your stay you may want to ask about staying in the PBFS for a portion of your visit. Great service so call and ask.

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    This truly is an awesome room category (if you're OK without a TV)....You may want to just call the 1-800 number to see if there is anything available, but my suspicion is that it is probably pretty consistently booked....

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    I noticed the same thing so I called to book and she had one available! Definately try calling.

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    PBFS are the best rooms at CSA. We book through a TA and they have to call. As gonegril said, they are hard to come by. So book way ahead.

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