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    Good mornihng all,

    Following on to the topic about 'respect at CN' and dress codes, I have two questions that I'm hoping others can help this first-timer with.

    First, is it possible to get meals to take back to our room, from any of the dinner restaurants?

    Second, I see the dress code described as 'resort elegant (no jacket req'd)' and 'cocktail elegant (jacket optional)' for two of the restaurants, but was wondering if someone could put a finer head on it for me. I'm not planning to bring a jacket (I think it will be hot enough in late May), but am planning on long slacks, closed toed shoes and collared shirts. Are the 'Charlie Sheen' style casual shirts acceptable?

    Thanks all!

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    I know there is breakfast room service (we do that every morning...the banana bread is outstanding!).

    early room service breakfast>exercise>breakfast #2 at Casava Terrace>10 a.m. dirty banana>aquacize>beach...

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    Not sure on the takeout. No need to take a jacket. Collared shirt & long pants are fine for Feathers.

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    Sorry just realized you were asking about CN. Same goes just no Feathers.

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    Yes you can "take out" we do it all the time.
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If they get mad, you will be a mile away and they will be barefoot!

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    When we were at CN in 2011 we ordered appetizers from Lychee and were able to pick it up and brin git to our room to enjoy before we headed out for the night. We just called them and ordered. They had it on a plate and wrapped in plastic wrap for transport.

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    For men Khaki pants no jeans, collared shirt either a button down aloha type shirt or polo style are acceptable, closed toe shoes.
    For women no jeans, capri's, skirt, or sundresses are all acceptable.

    It is not a crazy dress code. Think of it as "dressing for dinner" at home if you were not wearing jeans.

    The Beach Party is more casual you will see shorts.

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    We ate dinner at Lychee and couldn't finish our dessert so they put plastic wrap on it and we brought it back to our room.

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    You got the dress code down correctly, can't help you though about the Charlie Sheen shirt never watched his shows.

    If you tell them you want to take it back to the room they will wrap it. In the morning my wife gets up early and walks the beach. On the way back she always stops and gets a plate of pastries and coffee to bring back to the room and then we sit on the veranda and enjoy the quietness of the resort. Enjoy.

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