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    Default CSS .......DO's and DONT'S.......!!

    We just booked CCS... Oct 11-18 .We have never been to CSS , only we were wandering what are some do's that we shouldnt miss out on our vist....Places to eat, things to try, shows to watch, drinks to drink , massage ...ect.......TY

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    Do try the bamboo fusion massage! it was amazing. Be prepared though, its a tougher treatment if your knotted up but I promise you will feel much better after! Thelma did an amazing job, I require a heavier hand (not a huge fan of swedish massage, too light for me) and Thelma found knots I didn't know I had and fixed them.

    Also try some of the activities- They are so much fun, and you meet some really great staff and guests.

    DON'T lay in the sun more than 15 minutes WITHOUT suntan lotion, start with a 50 then go down to 30. I learned the hard way years ago. And the hubby found even under the trees you can still get burned!

    try the Banana Banshee- It is so much better than the dirty banana, Who knew I would ever say that? LOL
    Also ask Dave for the Jamaican Dream, it is a real nice drink

    Go to the mineral pool and get a healthy drink- Cucumber lime was delicious. I added some equal to mine and it was perfect! also try the sweet potato chips!

    Bring your own sweetner, We like Equal and they only have Splenda so i carried extra in my beach bag and bought a box for our room.

    Don't save chairs anywhere unless you are going away for a short time. People at CSS are pretty good about taking their stuff when leaving. I didn't see any chair savers unless their butts were in it!!

    AND LAST- Walk around , there are plenty of cool places to find, paths to wander and views to see!!

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    You can stay at CSS and never leave. It has everything...well, almost. One thing you definitely want to do is go to Dunns River Falls and make the climb! Schedule it when the cruise ships are NOT in town though. It will be much less crowded and the whole experience will be more fun.

    We "did" Margaritaville last time and it was ok; expensive. Again, if you want to go there make sure there are no cruise ships in dock. The cruise ship dock is very close to Margaritaville and it's one of the first places everyone goes.

    Things to do AT CSS would include, but definitely not limited to:

    Floating on the water in their comfy mats. Those things are addictive!

    Taking a dip in the mineral pools; both the original one and the new, fancy one. The original mineral pool even has a few fish swimming in it! They're quite small but they're there. It's very cold water too since it's spring fed. The new, modern mineral pool is an actual swimming pool but it has a lot of different minerals in the water. It's quite relaxing.

    Walk the grounds and take in the amazing scenary. The property is set on a rolling hill so the views change with each step you climb.

    Sunset Beach is very pretty and if you like your tan without tan lines that's the place to go during the day. After 5pm you can go over with your clothes on but don't expect everyone to have theirs on! It officially stops being the nude beach at 5 but you'll find that there are a lot of people who hang around (no pun intended) far after 5!

    You'll see how relaxing it is once you get there. I can't wait to get back. We'll be there August 30 through September 9th. Beautiful place!!!!
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    Try the AN beach early on
    find the hidden hot tubs
    swim out to the platform on main beach
    try the yummy juices by the very awesome mineral pool in the mornings
    enjoy your balcony and the amazing view
    try a dirty banana (yummist drink ever, but sooo fattening)
    walk around the lake at least once
    get lost on the pathways
    take lots of pics (we didn't get enough)

    I was at Negril too and while the beaches are nicer, CSS is my fave place in love with will have blast.I'm jealous!

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    We will just miss you...we arrive Oct 20th for our third time!
    Have Mimosas outside at Pallazina for breakfast. what a way to start the day!
    Have a Couples Massage in the hut overlooking the water.
    Have a Dirty Banana
    Listen for the Sax player around 5-6PM wandering around the grounds serenading you!
    Chat with the staff, they are unique.
    Use the Lobby pool late in the day. No one is there.
    Meet Crackers.
    Try new foods, be adventurous.
    See the sunset at Sunset Beach.
    Bring water shoes for Dunn's River Trip and be careful!
    Relax with the one you love every day!
    Cry on the Goodbye Bus when you'll be back again!


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    We are CN loyalists who discovered and fell in love with CSS this spring!!!

    ~ Enjoy your balcony with your loved one
    ~ Go to SSB and make new friends...ask Veronique (the lovely bartender there) to make you a pink thingie (from Kristen)
    ~ Bring some bread from breakfast and feed the turtles in the pond
    ~ Have a massage in the Hideaway hut
    ~ Bet on every horse at the horse races on casino night...its a bet you can't lose!
    ~ Buy something sparkly at the jewlery store, the Jewel Box
    ~ Take a dip in the ocean behind the mineral pool
    ~ Sip champagne with your toes in the grotto, while the fishies check you out
    ~ Just wander around enjoying the sites and smells
    ~ Visit Crackers
    ~ Get to know the staff...they are wonderful!
    ~ Fill out the comment card before you leave
    ~ Partake in Repeaters Dinner

    ~ compare CN to CSS...let each be there own special place with unique places in your heart


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    Have a massage in the massage hut on the cliffs overlooking the ocean and have a smoothie at the smoothie bar near the mineral pool.

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    Matt says...

    DO...take your wife.
    DON'T...take your girlfriend.

    He and I are having a bit of chat this morning.

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    Default for all the wonderful reviews

    Css here we come.....!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by mnk View Post
    matt says...

    Do...take your wife.
    Don't...take your girlfriend.

    He and i are having a bit of chat this morning.

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