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Thread: Mini Fridge

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    CareAway, Yes the minibar is free!!!!:-)

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    Can you request mixes as well. For example, can I request margarita mix and tequila for my room? Or, if not, can I request these items in quantity from one of the bars on the property and carry back to my room?

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    Good question. Could I substatute more red stripe and less soda ???

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    I bought a compact fridge for my bedroom,because I often woke up in the middle night and felt hungry,I had to go down stairs to eat foods.This made me crazy,so I bought one and put it in my bedroom,it's more convenient than before.

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    Our fridge was secretly stocked while we were out and about with tasty beverages. Ting is awesome.

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    Just got back from CSA and you don't have to be in the room. Just fill out the minibar request and they'll get it done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyman8 View Post
    I was reading on Trip Advisor that you have to be in your room to have your fridge refilled. I have never heard of this before. Anyone able to confirm this
    At CSA in May 2012 it was a form you filled out and you did not need to be in the room.

    At CN this May you called and needed to be in the room. It wasn't a big deal though and I kind of liked it better. They didn't stock everything in there--only what you wanted and you could call for it all day long.
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    In case people haven't noticed, the post by BillyJ is SPAM. I flagged it and requested it removed as such, but nothing has been done. Randy, can you please remove the post about the mini-fridge in his bedroom. IT'S SPAM!!!!
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    That's the way it is at CN now. But it's not a big deal. They come real quick. And we did it then we came back to the room to shower for dinner. It worked out great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KrisJamie View Post
    As of this trip; yes.

    Service was prompt, however.

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