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Thread: Irish Coffees?

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    Default Irish Coffees?

    Will be at CSA in 25 days....wondering where we might be able to enjoy an Irish Coffee? Anyone know? Thanks!

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    All you need is coffee, Irish Whiskey (but any whiskey will work), and heavy cream or Bailey's (or any irish cream).

    I have not been to CSA yet (am going in March), but if you are not particular about the Irish Whiskey part, I am sure you can get coffee, whiskey, and cream at CSA.

    They will have Rum Cream, and I wonder what that would taste like in coffee...

    Good Luck!

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    How about "Jamaican" coffee?? Coffee and rum cream, yum!!
    One Love,

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    Feathers has the best! With pressed coffee done right at your table, it is wonderful!! We recently returned from CSS and enjoyed Irish coffee there, and also had a wonderful variation French coffee (the same but with cognac) -- it was fantastic and bit smoother. I would recommend it!

    Enjoy your trip.

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    Feathers and Lemon Grass both offer Blue Mountain Coffee which is the best in the world! Have them make it there when you eat at those restaurants. The second best place to try it would be the Martini Bar above The Palms where most top shelf liquors are available. I can't remember if they had Irish whiskey but you can get something close. They do carry Baileys at the bars but we have grown very fond of the rum cream available at the resort. Rum...ya mon...ahhhhhhhhhhhhh... Best time to experiment and try something new is here at Couples when the drinks are ALL included.

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    @ Tallman2nd - this is exactly what I was looking for! Awesome - "Feathers" it will be for Irish Coffee and we may give your other suggestion a try as well - French coffee. THANK YOU!

    @ kcroc16 - we make these at home as you described and typically use Jameson Irish Whiskey; however, we are looking for a restaurant/bar @ CSA to make them for us...afer all, we are on vacation.

    As for RUM CREAM = YUM, YUM - we're finishing our last bottle now so looking forward to purchasing a few more bottles to tide us over until the next trip BUT if we go to Couples Barbados in rum cream?

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    I drink my coffee black, but when in Jamaica adding rum cream to it, is, is , is soooo heavenly. I usually drink about 3 to 4 cups of it for breakfast.

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