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    Default CSS Repeaters Dinner & other Don't Miss events

    Please can someone tell me which night the Repeaters Dinner happens on? As regular Couples people but first time CSS guests will we be invited do you think?

    Which are the other main events we should plan in and when are they? I wondered about a lobster night, Manager's Cocktail party but there may be more.

    Dreaming and planning ahead a bit helps to fill the gap until we come.


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    Tuesday is the beach party. Wednesday is repeaters and Lobster night. Repeaters dinner was being done outdoors in December. Friday is the Gala. Managers cocktail party was is on Thursday. If you've stayed at couples before, you should be invited to the repeaters dinner. You may want to ask about it when you check in just to be sure.

    Just FYI all this information is listed under the "Special Nights at Couples San Souci" header in the Restaurants and Bars tab.

    Scott and June

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    You will be invited to the Repeaters dinner for sure, even it its your firt time at that particular Couples. You will get an invitation in your info at check-in.

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    Thanks Scott and June

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