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    Default A few questions for CN (layover, rooms, etc)

    We stayed at CSA last October and fell in love. We want to return to Couples but have that new discovery feeling so we have decided to stay at CN this October. We have a couple questions -

    - I understand the difference between the deluxe beachfront and the beachfront suites, has anyone stayed in both? Can you offer us pictures and/or opinions as to if the upgrade is worth it. I am under the understanding that there is no direct beach view like we had at CSA but what rooms are closes to the beach with a possible partial view?

    - Last year, picking our flight through the website was incredibly easy - US Airways had early fights there, late flights back and adequate layovers and we are comfortable. This year we are struggling a bit. The top options with no added costs are mostly Delta but some American Airlines. Can you give us opinions on each? Or should we front the few hundred extra to go with US Airways?

    -The layover options on the way there are incredibly small. Last year we had 1.5 hrs in Charlotte and that was a little too much but the airport wasn't packed. We are most likely on a Tuesday or Wednesday from Pittsburgh. The options are JFK, Miami, Atlanta and Philli. All of the layovers are under an hour with the exception of one through JFK with 1 hr 15 minutes. Have you experienced changing flights in these airports? is 45 or 50 minutes enough time assuming everything is on time?

    - One thing we loved about CSA was the option of the buffet breakfast and dinners. We loved how relaxed it could be without having to make real choices. Does CN have these options also?

    Thanks so much, that's all for now!

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    I can't address the room choice as we stayed in a Garden view which was just fine for the cost savings. There is a very good breakfast buffet every morning and several nights there are dinner buffets also. As far as layovers, we flew Delta through Atlanta. Our layover was 1.5 hours and I wouldn't go any less for the return flight regardless of airport. We were 45 minutes late leaving MJB and had run to run in our socks to make our connection after customs and immigration. I have always preferred to have to kill time in the airport over stressing over making it on time. Our trip last Dec was our only Couples trip but we fell in love with CN and already are making return plans.

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