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    Default Type of rental BCDs?

    Does anyone know what type of BCDs they have at CTI? I'm trying to decide whether to bring my own or not. Do they have integrated weights? Do you they have any back-inflate BC's? Integrated weights is probably the BIGGEST deal, for me.

    Thanks! My wife and I will be at CTI from Feb 5th-12th for the first time.

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    BCD = Birth Control Devices?

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    No integrated weights. Sherwood BCD's and weight belts.

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    CN uses Sherwood, which I would assume is the same at CTI. And, no, they don't typically have integrated or back-inflate BCs. I totally agree about the integrated system. My lower back gets really stressed with a weight belt. Fortunately, on our last trip to CN, one of the instructors had an integrated BC that he let me use, but he's not there anymore and that was an extra one he owned.

    Also, just to be clear, there's no actual "rental" per se. The equipment is all included.

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    Not sure of the brands but last I knew none had integrated weights.
    You can always call the resort and talk to the watersports guys with your questions.
    Oh... and also they are not rentals ... no additional cost, they are included in the A-I package already.
    Have fun!

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    I think they are Sherwood BCDs. Basic but in good condition. Not integrated; weight belts for all. No back-inflates to my knowledge.

    If you bring your own and have weight pockets, be sure to either take them off the boat with you or at least make sure they are not thrown in with the rest of the weights and gear. I had one of my pockets ruined by being left on the boat and having other weights thrown on top of it. My own fault but now I've learned.

    Tell Collin the Wilson's said "HI", and enjoy!

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    First, they are not rental (free). And no, they are not weight integrated. They are a good quality, typical BCDs.

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    I would suggest that you bring your own. Couples Resorts uses Sherwood equipment and they are not the integrated weight systems. I use their weights in my BCD but be sure that you remove the weights after the dives and do not leave your weight pockets on the boat.

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    Bringing my own reg which is yoke style. Do they have yoke style tanks or are they DIN? We arrive on Saturday the 9th. Thanks.

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