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    Default Sans Souci for Trip #2 or another AU site...

    We fell in love with SS on our first trip to Couples. We are planning a trip back and have been trying to decide if we should try another one of the resorts or go back to SS...It was amazing!!! What has been your experience???

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    CSS ticks all our boxes and we are now two hours away from leaving UK for our third visit. Woo hoo. Does that answer your question? Why risk another unknown resort. It is a precious time each year and you don't want to be unhappy with a duff new choice. Just book it.

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    We went to CTI last year for our 1st AN visit. We loved the AN experience and I loved the island!! This year we are visiting CSS, my wife is more a beach person. We didn't trade places last year on our visit which leaves us excited to try SSB for our 1st visit in August. 83 days til paradise!!
    We maybe more excited for our visit this year, because once you go you know.

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    Lots of people have visited multiple resorts but most seem to always prefer their first. We've decided to always go back to CSS so we don't get to another and regret it.

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    our 5th trip for SS & SSB coming up in 8/14!! 'nuff said

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    We also love SS and thought about trying another Couples resort. We were told by the Operations Manager of SS if you got to the other resort and you didn't like it as much as SS ask for a transfer.

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    We are headed back to CSS next week for our second visit. I wouldn't recommend you try CN if you're going for the au naturel experience. CN is situated on a beautiful stretch of beach, however the au naturel area is completely unenjoyable in our opinion. The CN AN beach is wide open to the main beach. Many hotels share the beach and there tend to be gawkers. Even worse, locals wander the beach and are always trying to talk to you and sell you something, often drugs. In addition, jet skiers pull close to shore trying to get you to take a ride or buy drugs. The resort itself is very nice but the au naturel is not cool.
    Good luck with your decision making.

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    The minute we walked into our room at CSS on our first visit, my husband said "We're trying everything - we paid all this money, we're gonna get our money's worth, damn it." My heart dropped. He is not one to spend that kind of money on something like this. I thought that he'd do nothing but complain about how much this trip was costing us. That was Day One. By Day 7, as we are packing to leave, we are BOTH in tears, not wanting to leave! Not 6 weeks later, he had our next CSS visit booked WITHOUT TELLING ME!! What I'm trying to say is, why do you have to ask? Of course you should go back!! Why take the risk anywhere else?? Our second trip was every bit as wonderful as the first.

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    We first went to COR, loved it! Went back to COR 2yrs later, still loved it. We loved the dive team and original Bayside. Went to CSS thru secret rendezvous and loved it, AN especially. Didn't love the restaurants, needed reservations for 2 out of 3. Booked CTI when it first reopened after renovations. Bad idea, wasn't ready, we ended up getting bumped to CN. Well, we loved it, but would not have tried it at all because we found our special place at COR. so, we ended up booking CN for 9 nts and 7 more at the newly opened CTI. Well, while at CN it was still unsure that CTI would be ready at all. They told us it was so we took the shuttle over and well only one restaurant open, no grill, no diving for 3 days, not ready, we were so disappointed. DH got zapped by the chain on the lamp by the bed - twice. Yes, maintenance came in, said nothing was wrong and so DH turned it off for bed and got zapped again. The ambiance is different than the original COR. It's beautiful, just different. There is no comparing the island to any other Couples AN area, it is awesome! But, in the end, for my honey and me, CN is the place for us to be! The weather is more reliable for diving (twice a day, every day), the restaurant choices, the staff, the layout of the resort -everything is perfect for this duo.

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    Our first trip to Jamaica was October 2012 to CSS. Absolutely loved the AN beach, quite and private. The though of the beaches in Negril having vendors is not appealing to us. On our way back to CSS October it there Yea mon!

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    We returned from CSS yesterday and spent every day at SSB. IT is very nice, good size beach, water is clear and cool (refreshing with river water), water shoes are recommended due to shells and some rocks. Plenty of loungers although the thatched roof thingys are taken up very early every day. Earliest I could get there was 8am and all were either taken or had peoples stuff on the chairs under them and they people didn't arrive till like 9 or 10 am. Not cool really. We could always find loungers in the shade of the trees though. Some local people do come by, boat guys fishing, boys or girls from the adjacente public beach, but no one bothered us. Great bartender (Veronique), nice pool with grotto/waterfall, above ground hot tub ok, but no temperature control. Still highly recommended

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