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    Default Help with flights out of Milwaukee to Montego Bay?

    Hello, My name is Brett and I am looking for info on airlines running flights out of milwaukee? I see that delta has some as well as us airways can anybody guide me a bit? Milwaukee to Charolette is a hour enough connection time? size of airport etc.? that is with us ariways , Also looking at delta Milwaukee to atlanta with a 1-1/2 hour layover is this time enough? I know atlanta is a huge airport. Ive looked on line for performance numbers and find many of them, they are all different dont know what to do ? HELP!! My gut tells me to go with US Airways! flown them before and never had a problem.... Can any fellow cheeseheads help me? Thanks

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    We have flown through Charlotte(US Air) and through Atlanta(Delta) and have never had issues with either airport. Although we took those airlines from Ohare since the days we traveled the cost was cheaper from Ohare. Your connection times should leave you plenty of time. No worries.

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    Hi Brett, we have done the atlanta once and really did not care for it( we had long layover and like you sad airport is huge), we have done the direct flights out of milw. on a funjet charter that are really $$$$$$ now and are only offered at select times (march/april) but were great (3 hrs. 45 min.)and your there. We now do the US air thru charolette and have been good, this april is our 3rd time with these flights. If you go the charolette route just make sure you have enough layover time coming home, the last 2 years we had like 2 hours layover time and missed the flight both years because imagration was real busy. This year we have 4 hours layover, some people go to ohare and get American Airlines direct flights and like them. Hope this helps Mike

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    We did the us air flights a couple of years ago and left mpls late. I thought for sure we would miss our connection in Charlotte but they held the plane or were late too. The airport there is small and the gates were across the hall from eachother. I would avoid Atlanta.

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    ya mon flown both air lines, both were good my thing is which air line got me to montego bay the soonest. altlanta you need 1 1/2 hours, charlotte maybe not so, charlotte i compare just a little bigger than milwaukee, you need 3 hours to come home thought to go thru customs

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    Hi Brett,
    We flew USAir from MKE this past September. I think our departure time was around 5:45am and we landed on time in MBJ at 11:40am. This was on a Thursday and while the Charlotte airport was busy, we had no problem making the connection in under an hour. Coming back was a little more stressful because we left on a Saturday (MBJ airport VERY busy). We wanted the latest departure we could find and were scheduled to leave at 2:00, but the flight was delayed so there was a HUGE line while they tried to reroute everyone's Charlotte connections. Because Couples will schedule you to leave the resort about 4 hours before your flight, I would still try to find an afternoon flight back to avoid having to get up super early, but avoid the weekend if you can. Even though it was total chaos, the USAir agent we worked with at MBJ to make our alternate arrangements was very courteous and helpful. In the end we did end up just barely making our original connection in Charlotte with only about 45 minutes to get through customs, recheck our luggage, and go through security--needless to say we were running full-bore to get to our gate. We're hoping to return to CTI next September & won't hesitate to do the MKE-CLT-MBJ flight again if the price is right. Hope this helps!

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    Hello fellow Cheesehead!! I have flown both. This last trip in Dec we did US Airways. We had a 40 min layover in Charolette with no problems on a Friday. We also have had 40 min layovers in Atlanta with no problem 2 times now. We went with US Air this time because it was cheaper. Just be sure you layover on the way back leaves ample time. Thru Atlanta we have had 3.5hr layovers 3 times and that left us just enough time to eat and sit for a little bit. In Dec we had a 2.5hr layover in CLT and we were running for our plane because everything was behind for some reason.
    I still prefer CLT over ATL, it is just smaller and easier to get around!! Have a great trip!

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    I can't speak for Atlanta, but we take US Air from Columbus and usually only have an hour sometimes less to make our connection to Montego Bay. Never has been an issue to get from one gate to the next. If it is the early morning flight, it is usually not that busy, and the airport is not near as large as Atlanta. Of course if your flight is delayed, then there could be issues.

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    We did Milwaukee to Charlotte in 2010. Going down to Charlotte an Hour layover was plenty. Coming home an hour was not enough, seeing you have to go thru customs when arriving in Charlotte.

    We now do Chicago to Montego Bay Direct thru AA.(2011, 2012 and again coming up in May of 13) We then arrive in Montego Bay around Noon instead of 2-3pm in the afternoon. This way we get an extra full evening at the resort. Doing the layover and arriving later made it a very long day and we only wanted to crash when we got there. Plus every time we arrived around noon, we flew thu customs in Montego Bay.(10minutes to 30 minutes) When we arrived later in 2010, it took about 2-2.5 hours to get thru customs and immigration. More flights arrive after 1pm so more people to get thru customs. That was a nightmare!

    We now stay at a Hotel in Chicago the night before and they shuttle us to the Airport and keep our Car. They then pick us up at the airport when we return. The shuttle comes every 20 minutes. They tell you were to be for the shuttle when you return. The Room ( With keeping our car in a secure area) was around $109.00. We do Saturday to the following Sunday (8 night). The parking at a Airport for 8-9 days would cost us almost as much as the room does. This way, we get there early and we are a lot more relaxed! (No 8-10 hours of traveling) The direct flight leaves aroung 8am and arrives at around Noon! Also , so much nicer getting up only 3-4 hours before flight to shower, have breakfest, shuttle over and get to the gate.

    Yes, you have a Hour and a half ride home when you get back, but I would rather be in my car driving home then sitting in Airports for an extra few hours!

    I do believe the direct flights are only available on Saturday and Sundays. Take a look!

    Hope this helps! Have a great Time!

    Lou and Meredith

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    Brett, what time of year are you travelling? We've flown out of Milw. on direct flights to Montego Bay on Apple or Funjet charters,(we prefer direct flights). The only drawback with the charters is they only run from Dec. till about Easter. In reference to Charlotte vs Atlanta, our travel agent told us Charlotte is a breeze compared to Atlanta, You may need more than an hour to connect in Atlanta. (This info is from the travel agent, as we have never used them) Lately, we've been driving to Chicago, and using direct flights on AA. out of O'Hare. We live east of Madison, and the drive is about an hour longer than to Milw.

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    Default Mke-iah-mbj

    Hi Brett, My husband and I flew out of MKE the last time we went to Jamaica in 2011. We flew MKE-IAH-MBJ. The layover was less than an hour and we were in Montego Bay by 1pm. I'd suggest looking for flights through Houston (IAH) but if you're "up north", you can always try flying out of Green Bay - they have a new early flight directly to Atlanta.

    If that doesn't help and you haven't booked your dates at Couples yet, you should look into flights out of Chicago - they have nonstops on some Fridays.

    Good luck and let me know what you find - we're always on the lookout for good flights, too.

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    1 hour in Charlotte as good as OR BETTER than 1.5 in Atlanta - plus Charlotte can get you into MoBay at 11 depending on connection - whether going to Jamrock or not my rule for ATL is minimum 1 hour - that said I would much rather get thru Charlotte with an hour than Atlanta with 1.5 but both are doable; Not a cheesehead but go to Madison many times so I may count - regardless enjoy Jamrock

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    Unless you live in Milwaukee or that corner of WI, you could consider a direct flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul. Both Sun Country (seasonal-Saturdays & Wednesdays)) & Delta offer non-stop flights. We live in the Wausau area so it is a 3 hour drive to either airport, and we do a Stay, Park, & Fly at a nearby hotel. We left the airport on Saturday at 6 AM (on Sun Country) and landed in Montego Bay at 11:17 AM (Jamaica time). There were no lines at that time in Customs/Immigration and we were at SweptAway by 1:30 PM. The return flight was at @12:15 PM on Saturday, and we cleared Security& Customs/Immigration with no lines, and were at the gate 2 hours after leaving SweptAway. The Delta flights run several hours later, so the airport in MoBay is much busier at that time on a Saturday, with some waiting in lines.
    However you get to Jamaica, there will be "NoProblem" once you're there. Have a great trip.

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    mjd---we are trying the direct AA fight down this time.

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    louroso1-we do the exact same thing you do. Down to Ohare the night before--do the whole park and fly from a hotel and this years trip will be the first time we are trying the direct AA flight down. On the return trip we are booked with AA for a direct flight. Last year we took a voluntary bump from AA and are using our vouchers this year(the whole process was a cluster but that is a story in itself). March 29 soon come

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    When are you flying out?

    We also fly MKE to MBJ. Last two times we flew Delta and connected in ATL with 45m layover...easy peasy. Coming back, make sure you have enough time for your layover (3 hours at least).

    I'm also watching flights. We leave in 83 days... watching AirTran, United & Delta. Don't forget to check baggage fees as well. When we flew Delta the 1st bag per person was free. I'm not sure what the fees are now.

    Good luck!

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    Hi Brett, we've traveled out of MKE 3 times when the non-stop charters run (Christmas thru end of March) and it worked great. We traveled another 3 times during the non-charter times and flew out of O'Hare to get non-stop air and did Park, Sleep, and Fly which cost an extra $100 plus gas for both of us. This past December I just had to try flying out of MKE as we live about 15 minutes from the airport. We flew Air Tran connecting in Atlanta both ways. I also priced it out of O'Hare which would have been about $150 more for both of us. Well, lesson learned, for us it's far better to do non-stop out of O'Hare during times we can't get non-stop charter as it's only a 75 minute drive to and from O'Hare and we would have gotten to Couples much sooner on the way down and been home much sooner on the way back considering the long layover in Atlanta. Hope this post helps.

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    We have flown out of Milwaukee on American Airlines with layovers in Atlanta, Dallas and Miami. If possible avoid Atlanta layovers the airport is so big and if your flight is delayed at all you run the risk of missing your connecting flight. Miami and Dallas were not a problem at all. Good luck!!!

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    I would take the Charlotte airport any day of the week over Atlanta.
    Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. If they get mad, you will be a mile away and they will be barefoot!

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    So many people from Wisco! Thats awesome! Although for Jamaica we fly out of O'Hare, when out of MKE I would prefer Charlotte. I've had both good and bad experiences with ATL. It is too big of a place to risk a short layover.

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    Yay Wisconsin! I've been seeing billboards for direct flights out of Rockford. Anyone done this?

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    Food for thought...
    Drive to Midway (AirTran) or O'Hare (AA) and fly direct to Montego Bay. We're headed that way in two weeks, and spending the night in a hotel near O'Hare. Considering the possibility of traffic / vehicle breakdown issues during an early morning drive, we opted to stay at nearby hotel (and leaving our car there for a week) for just a few dollars more than parking alone. Free shuttles to ORD as well. Cheers!

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    We too are doing the park and fly from Ohare--March 29th soon come!!

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    Even without a hotel, the gas or bus $, plus tolls, ohare is always more expensive for us. Milwaukee has been great for us. Early flight out with a quick 45 min layover in Charlotte, Jamaica before 1.
    This year we booked from Madison, where the airport is about 5 minutes from our house. Would have been the best itinerary ever if our plane hadn't had issues and our flight delayed. Oh well, maybe next time!

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    Another option...

    We have recently started flying into the connecting airport the night before. Leave early evening into either Atlanta, Miami or Charlotte arrive before 9 p.m. get a good night sleep and off on the earliest flight into Montego. Miami is a hop skip and jump the next morning all showered and refreshed with a nice breakfast and without the all day traveling or long flight.

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