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    HI - we expect all renovations to be complete by June 15, the date when the resort is re-branded as Couples Barbados.

    No Floaties anywhere on property.

    Couples Resorts

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    time is counting down roll on July 22nd 2 weeks of relaxation need a rest after being told need spine surgery to neck now!!

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    This is a silly question, but will Ting be available in Barbados?

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    Since there are no Floaties, what kind of beach chairs do you have? Are they hard plastic or soft and comfortable? Just want to know whether we should pack extra padding for our chairs. Can't imagine laying on hard plastic for too long.

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    Default Scuba diving spots

    Now that we know what will be provided for those that are scuba certified, would you have any idea where our scuba sites will be? I've done a little more research and I know there are some pretty cool ship wreck sites nearby. Would any of those be an option? Just out of would be pretty neat!

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    In Couples Barbados are beach towels supplied?

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    Hi there Randy!!!! We are planning a very last minute trip for next month and are so excited to see the new resort.
    I have a few questions - (looked through the posts and didn't see these asked, but if I missed them please forgive me).

    1. Will there be mini-bars in the rooms?
    2. Is there good snorkeling located near the resort?
    3. Will there be a night club and a piano bar there or just a piano bar?
    4. Do any rooms have whirlpool baths in them?
    5. And finally.....since it is all inclusive, will we be able to get a bottle of champagne to celebrate our anniversary, or at least by the glass??

    Thanks for reading and for any help! See you soon.

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    Hi Randymon,
    In all of the original info posted about the refurbishment, a new Jacuzzi was mentioned. I understand the new Pool was completed a while ago, but will there also be a Jacuzzi ? May I also ask whether you will be posting an activity/social schedule for the new resort? Many Thanks in Advance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrendaandBruce.PA View Post
    Since there are no Floaties, what kind of beach chairs do you have? Are they hard plastic or soft and comfortable? Just want to know whether we should pack extra padding for our chairs. Can't imagine laying on hard plastic for too long.
    The answer to this question interests me as well, as part of what I feel in love with the Couples chain was the floaties on the beach chairs. In the cheaper resorts you get those uncomfortable hard chairs to sit on, and the more expensive ones have thick padded seats. When you have a bony body like mine, chair comfort makes a huge difference.

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    The new lounge chairs will be comfortable enough not to need a floatie.

    Couples Resorts

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    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    The new lounge chairs will be comfortable enough not to need a floatie.
    That is fantastic!! Thank you for answering so quickly.

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    I have a few unanswered questions from past posts.

    1) How many dives per day will be allowed? I know it is 4 dives a week, but am willing to purchase extras.

    2) Will there be rental cars available at or through the resort?

    3) Is there a hamburger type restaurant that will be casual clothing, in case I don't wish to dress one night?

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    Snorkeling: I thought I'd posted this question (and actually gotten an answer), but now I can't find it. Is snorkeling included like it is at the other resorts? If so, how many trips per day will there be? Snorkeling is one of the main reasons we come to Couples Resorts.

    Also, since there are no floaties anywhere, is it OK if we bring our own to use?

    Booked for Septemeber and looking forward to it!

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    Since we have to rely on the schedules of our outside vendors, we are unable to produce a daily excursion list - yet. Once we are operational starting on the 15th of June, the schedules will be available. I will post as soon as a schedule of activities and excursions is confirmed.

    As far as snorkeling off our shore, probably not to worthwhile as the water is typically a little rough.

    Deborah and I will be heading to Barbados on June 14. She leaves on the 19th, but I will be there until the 27th as we have a couple of companies joining us to take photos and 360 degree virtual tours.

    Be sure to ask for me... :-) Getting Excited too?

    Couples Resorts

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    To answer some other questions:

    We would prefer that you do not bring your own floaties. Would kinda mess up the vibe if everyone had different colored floatie or inflatable rafts.

    Casual dining will be available at a poolside grill AND at the soon-to-be-renamed Enid's restaurant.

    Rental cars will be available through the guest relations/tour desk.

    Free Scuba Dive - PADI certified divers only. One dive per day. You will be able to purchase more, but understand that transportation to the dive boat would also be extra.

    One dive per couple per stay of 3-6 nights, or 2 total per stay
    Two dives per couple per stay of 7-13 nights, or 4 total per stay
    Four dives per couple per stay of 14+ nights, or 8 total per stay

    None of the rooms have jacuzzi baths.

    All rooms have mini-bars

    The Piano Bar is just a Piano Bar, no nightclub

    Yes, you can order champagne (actually sparkling wine) by the glass.

    Couples Resorts

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    We are arriving on the 15th, and I was wondering if there will be a Couples Lounge at the airport for Barbados. If not, how do we know where to go for the free shuttle to the hotel?

    Thank you!

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    hi folks just read latest trip advisor, some worries will place be ready in time?
    arriving 22nd July for 14 nights don't think I could put up with any hammering or noise needing a quite holiday!

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    Thanks for keeping us informed and answering so many questions. Our big question is still about Padi only certified divers. My husband has a Naui certificate. He has never had any problems diving with it any where in the world including Barbados. Any word if this is going to be accepted at your dive company in Barbados? Surprised that transportation to dive site is going to be extra.

    Regarding snorkelling I am not quite sure if you were just making a comment that the snorkelling off shore was no good. We have seen the water there and realized that it would be no good for snorkelling. Are the free snorkelling trips going to be by boat to a good spot or are they going to be just off shore?

    Will there be a free shuttle bus to Church Services on a Sunday like there is at C.N.and C.S.S.?

    Thanks Randy

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    We as well are wondering if the renos are still going to be completed for the June 15th launch date. One of the recent trip advisor reviews got my attention for saying that the plan is to build a new spa in
    the lobby where the current piano bar is and that the work for the new spa has not been started
    yet. Curious if this accurate. I had read elsewhere that the new spa was going in the old games room area, I believe it said.Is the piano bar area really going to be the spa???

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    BobbyH, Randy said "You will be able to purchase more, but understand that transportation to the dive boat would also be extra." My understanding is the free dives which are included shouldn't require any additional costs. Also, I believe one of the excursions for snorkling involved snorkling with the sea turtles. :-)

    Connell0618, as far as the couples lounge at the airport, there won't be a lounge. The cost is too high in Barbados and space is at a premium. Randy has said there will be a bus/van meeting us for transport to the resort, though. We also arrive on June 15th (SQUEEEE!!!!). The airport is not too far from the resort (at least not as far as it is in Jamaica), so worse case would be somewhat inexpensive taxi. Looking forward to meeting you!

    Carey and Logie
    Socal and Sintown
    CN 6/2014
    CB 6/2013
    CTI 6/2012

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    I've been reading through the forum with a lot of interest. My wife and I are visiting Barbados 17th June 2013 for our honeymoon. We are currently booked in at the Mango Bay but due to the beach renovations we have now been offered alternative Hotels, with Couples being one. I have been looking at Tripadvisor and reading this forum and just wondered if you can confirm some details for me?

    1. When you open on 15th June will all Couples facilities be available? Or is the work planned in stages with only say Stage 1/2 done by opening.
    2. Will ALL renovations be complete as at 15th June 2013?
    3. If not what work is still planned?

    For everyone else how would you rate the "Couples" experience? From what I can see most if not all people have very little negatives so I must be honest I am very tempted to take the option of a move to this hotel from my TA. Im just a bit anxious as this is our honeymoon and it has already started badly be being told our 1st choice hotel is going to be effected by works. I would hate to then swap to another hotel only to find that is also effected by works!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    All work will be completed by June 15.

    The spa is being constructed where the old pizzeria was located and it is almost finished.

    Complimentary dives include transportation.

    Couples Resorts

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    I know tips are included on site but will we need money for tips for the off site activities eg boat rides? and if so what is the norm in Barbados?

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    Randymon: thanks so much for clearing that up and answering everyones questions.
    Great to hear you are there for 'opening' week and can't wait to see the pictures
    and virtual tours that will be done

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    Are there plans to ever have floaties? My wife's favorite thing to do at couples is to float on the floaties. We are thinking of booking for December 2013.

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