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    Looking through TRIPADVISOR non-professional photos.......
    Mostly look good!

    Question: some show Jet Skis included as beach activity, will that still be true as a Couples thing?


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    I was wondering when there will be more photos on the web site of Couples Barbados

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    What does Barbabos have for food speciality like Jamaica has jerk and curry.
    Hmmm where do I start...flying fish sandwich, pumpkin fritters, rice & beans, fish cakes, puddin & souse, grilled marlin steak at the Oistens Fish you've got me hungry! Can't wait to go back hopefully in January :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doug View Post
    Would really like to see at least a dive a day per diver. 4 dives per week does not make much sense if both people dive.
    DITTO... AND would love to know the additional costs for more dives, if the policy doesn't change... Please...

    Nathalie & Steve
    CTI...2009; 2010; 2011
    CN...2012; 2013

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    I'm a newbie, so please forgive me. Randy, can you tell me clearly what dress will be for:
    Dover Grill

    My confusion is with all the info on the website. Plenty of info for Jamaica, not so much for Barbados (yet). Here's what I found:
    Cocktail Elegant (Jeans, sneakers, flip flops and shorts are not permitted)
    Cocktail Elegant (no jeans; jacket optional)
    Resort Casual (beach cover up, footwear required)
    Resort Chic (no jeans, shorts or flip flops)
    Resort Elegant (no jacket required)
    Elegant casual. Shirts, slacks and closed-toe shoes or dress sandals for the gentlemen and summer dresses for the ladies. No flip flops, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, sneakers, or hats are allowed. Jacket is optional.

    Casual by day, resort chic by night. Lightweight cotton clothing and swimwear attire are perfect for day. For evening gourmet dining and lounging at the bar, cocktail attire is required in most of our restaurants (no shorts or beach cover-ups); a jacket is optional. Check the 'restaurant & bars' section of your selected resort for more details on dining dress code. For certain activities like golf or shopping in town, appropriate attire is recommended.

    In a post above, you said "Dress code will be resort casual during the day, resort elegant in the evening."
    I hate to be a pain, but I'd just like to know for sure what to pack (as a guy going to Barbados this July). Can I wear leather Tevas in all of the restaurants? Dress shorts? Short-sleeved polos?

    Thanks very much!

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    Randy -
    Free Scuba Dive (Two dives per couple per stay)
    Unfortunately, my wife does not dive. Does this mean I can dive four (4) times during our stay?

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    One more (for now!)
    Can you provide names of providors for:
    Catamaran Cruise
    Glass Bottom Boat Ride
    Dive Shop (at least who you'll be using this summer until you get your own up and running)

    We would really like to look up more information on these!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ulange View Post
    What will be the dress code for the different restaurants?
    So resort elegant means what for the man? Are dress shorts allowed? According to tripadvisor the current almond resort only allows long pants in the restaurants for men.

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    *** deleted ***
    Last edited by countryboy; February 22nd, 2013 at 04:46 PM.

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    Randy, I would like to book for June 15th arrival, but I am very nervous. Will the resort be guest-ready ON June 15th? Please post a response soonest so that I can make the reservation (or not).


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    I must say, as a diver I'm not thrilled with the diving policy. Having a set number of dives per vacation seriously penalises those of us who are fortunate enough to take longer holidays. As for pricing, it's going to work out much more expensive for us (in the UK) to go to CB than CN. With the prospect of extra on top for diving, it's probably ruled CB out for us, which is a real shame

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    note that the gym at almond casuarina is pretty limited. whats the plans for the new gym? Hopefully at least as good as CN

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    Default One Bedroom Ocean Suite

    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    HI- Our announcement of Couples Barbados has created a flurry of questions from you all. :-)

    So that I/we may address them all and keep them together in one location, please use this thread to ask your questions. Thank so much. We look forward to liming with you in Barbados
    Hi Randymon,
    We just upgraded to this category and wondered if there will be any additional "perks" associated with this suite. We were in a garden suite at CN and loved the evening treats delivered to our room.
    Also, will there be a property map available at some point? Are these suites in a particular building or are they spread throughout the property?
    We are very excited to visit the newest Couples (we've been to all the others).
    Thank you!

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    Sorry, I am referring to a one bedroom ocean suite.

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    Will the repeaters dinner be held at Couples Barbados? We enjoy attending these and hope they'll be on the schedule after the June opening.

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    Sorry, it's a one bedroom ocean suite that we have booked.

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    On the "An All Inclusive Barbados Vacation" blog, it says:
    As well as the usual brand standard inclusions such as wifi, room service, free weddings, scuba, etc. Couples Resorts has offered some very unique complimentary excursions:

    So is scuba now going to be included in Barbados as in Jamaica?

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    Hi Randy, we are looking to book over Christmas New Years in a One Bedroom Ocean Suite. Are these rooms ground floor and are they on the beach or very close to the beach? Can you help with an explanation of beach access from the room. Also, will these rooms have a separate shower and bathtub?

    Any water skiing?

    Lastly, how far a drive is the resort from the airport?

    Thanks so much. Ava & Robert
    Quote Originally Posted by randymon View Post
    HI- Our announcement of Couples Barbados has created a flurry of questions from you all. :-)

    So that I/we may address them all and keep them together in one location, please use this thread to ask your questions. Thank so much. We look forward to liming with you in Barbados

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    Quote Originally Posted by Travelpatty View Post
    Sorry, I am referring to a one bedroom ocean suite.
    I would like an answer too. We have stayed in beachfront suites at CN. And have booked the same class as you for Barbados.

    It would be nice if Randymon or someone could post a concise list of more details

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    Sorry to have taken so long to respond.

    1. I will post the vendor list for outside services once I get it from the resort. We are still negotiating rates for the excursions, etc.

    2. There are no additional perks - except for extremely competitive rates for Barbados - in higher room categories.

    3. At total of 4 dives per stay is included, so if your SO does not dive, then you can sue them.

    4. As in Jamaica, we do not recommend jet skis.

    5. The water off the beach at the resort is not conducive to waterskiing. I expect that we can offer this as an option at another location for an additional charge.

    6. Yes, Romance Rewards benefits will apply to Couples Barbados.

    7. Yes, there will be a Repeat Guest dinner.

    8. The airport is about 15 minutes away from the resort and transfers are included.

    9. The One Bedroom Ocean Suites are located in the building closest to the beach, overlooking the main pool, swim-up bar, Dover Grill and the beach. Photos - the building where the One Bedroom Ocean Suites are located and from Google Earth

    Name:  2013-03-03_102428.jpg
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    Couples Resorts

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    The main reason we return to Couples Negril is the staff. I would like to suggest that you send Nellie and Evon to Barbados the end of June to train the Barbados staff. (I would also like to see them before October).

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    We'll be arriving on my birthday, June 29, staying in an Ocean Junior Suite. Hopefully when Randymon posts his next replies he'll be able to provide a little more information on the layout and where each room type is located.

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    Was it ever clarified if long pants will be required for men at all of the restaurants? I'll have to stick to my usual CN if I am going to be required to wear slacks, socks and shoes in the tropics with no option for less formal. BTW, I am not asking to be a scurveball, I do not go out in the evening at Couples without collared shirt, dress shorts and dress sandals. If this comment ignites a debate about what type of dress is nice enough, may I ask that only the men participate in the debate. The ladies who are allowed to wear capris and short dresses with sandals are not allowed in this debate since you are not the ones being forced to put long pants and closed shoes on.

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    Please ask your webmaster to add Barbados to the Romance Rewards page AND the Resort Meet-up message board. I was trying to complete pre-check in but cannot because Barbados is not yet listed.


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    Default Resort SCUBA Course

    I may have missed it but I did not see any mention about the resort SCUBA course. Will it be offered at Barbados and will you be able to purchase a second dive for $50.00US as at CSS?
    Just booked for October this year.

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