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    I know it is a total of 4 scuba dives per room per trip. Can you tell us how much additional dives will be? If not do you have a vendor contact? Thanks


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    Hello, we booked November 29-December 8 for CN....would love to know if we could change our reservations to CB????
    Thanks, Christie

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    Thanks Randymon! I have a couple of questions:

    1 - is the beach private or is it shared with the public or any other resort?

    2 - given the "will some come" Jamaican lifestyle that I personally LOVE, do you anticipate the Barbados reosrt will be finished with upgraded by June 15th?

    3 - will there be any sort of "grand opening" experience for those of us wishing to travel june 15th?

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    Default Handicapped Accessibility

    My wife and I are interested in going to your new resort in Barbados this summer and I just need to check on a few things. She's disabled and uses either a scooter or a wheelchair to get around, but can walk short distances if need be. How accessible is this property and do you offer any handicapped accessible rooms with a walk in or roll in shower with a bench. Thanks for your help.

    Michael Wasiljov
    Hagestown, MD

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    Loved CSA and have a few questions about Barbados.
    1. Floaties on the chairs?
    2. Beach beverage 'flag' service?
    3. Beach comparisons to CSA? How far can you walk? Sand as white? Sea as blue? Walk w.out stepping on coral? Etc...
    4. I think that's it...for

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    Booked for July 6-13. Can't wait to be liming

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    Is there going to be a Couples Lounge @ the airport??

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    1) Hammocks on the beach?
    2) Palapas on the beach?
    3) Swim up bar?
    4) Daily activities/entertainment coordinators?

    We booked our first trip to Couples Tower Isle after the grand reopening and loved it. From there, we went to CN and CSA.
    5) How does Barbados compare to the other locations?
    We enjoyed CSA beach, CTI entertainment staff, CSA piano bar, CN hammocks, CTI view from the room of beach....

    6) We also like to snorkel on our own just off the beach and wondered too about the waves and visibility...


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    To all:

    Please note that I will continue to edit my post with answers to questions. I say this because you will need to scroll back to the 1st page of this thread in order to see the updated answers.

    Couples Resorts

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    Awesome post.
    Wedding apps

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    Not sure that US Air still services Barbados. Cannot find flights in/out of Charlotte or Philadelphia. Hopefully US Air will return service or will add flights direct if the US Air/American merger is completed.

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    @winlove - I believe that US Airways has service to Barbados (from Charlotte, anyway) on Saturdays only thru about mid August.

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    how can i find out about romance awards, i have been to couples swept away 3 times, the last being a couple of years ago. I don't remember exact dates, also I am aware there are time restrictions on last visit. Where can I find this type of information?

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    What will be the dress code for the different restaurants?

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    I think it's (almost) time to add Barbados to the Romance Rewards page ;-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorker View Post
    I'm trying to book an 8 night trip to Couples Barbados, and it's only a couple hundred dollars less than a comparable room on the same nights at CSA, despite the $1000 credit. Is the credit not going through correctly, or is Couples Barbados really that much more expensive than the Jamaica Couples?
    Pretty sure it's the airfare that is crazy expensive even with the credit...

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    Thanks Razorback,
    It looks like US Air does provide service on Saturday only from April through mid-August. Since we usually go to Couples in March and Nov/Dec, and usually not of a Saturday, we could not find US Air to Barbados. Hopefully there will be enough increase in demand that they will extend throughout the entire year and even on several other days.

    Our son and a grandson are Razorbacks and since I am an LSU Tiger, we are always in competition. Again thanks...

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    I'm so excited about Barbados, we have been there many times. I just hope down the road the scuba diving will be re-considered. My husband I dive every day on vaction, the main reason we love Couples is diving is included. It would cost too much to spend 400-450 per night and then have to pay for 2 people to dive everyday. We have been to this property before and love Bardados, hopefully we will be able to stay there again as a Couples property. Best of luck on the new Couples Barbados!

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    Are couples Barbados adults only or couples only?

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    Couples Only.

    Yes to Hammocks. No to floaties for now. Yes to beach flag service. Dress code will be resort casual during the day, resort elegant in the evening.

    Couples Resorts

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    Hi Randymon,

    My boyfriend and I are visiting on the 21st may - 4th June... Will most of the refurb be finished by then and will the new facilities / services be available to us? Ie - transfers from airport, sunset cruise, turtle excursion etc... We hope to be able to benefit from the refurb and think its going to be a great place now Couples have taken over! :-) look forward to hearing from you x

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    What does Barbabos have for food speciality like Jamaica has jerk and curry.

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    Does anyone know if you will be able to have family come to the wedding. I originally booked with almond (a family hotel) but need to know if family will be able to attend my wedding day. Many Thanks

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    Can you tell me if Enid's is a buffet restaurant, I would like it if it was as you don't always want a la carte

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    Would really like to see at least a dive a day per diver. 4 dives per week does not make much sense if both people dive.

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