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    Default Any changes at CSS?

    We are going back to CSS in October. Last year GM at the repeaters dinner said that the resort is planning to build up a dam to protect Sunset beach from the river and everything that comes with it. We are wondering if it indeed took place or all the garbage from the river is still there?

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    When we were at Sun Set beach in July this year we did not see a dam.

    We also did not see any garbage in the area, the beach and the outlet were clean.

    A area of the beach may be closed off because of the sea turtle eggs. See Randymon's post about the passing of Charlie the sea turtle.
    Irie Mon

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    a tiny square was blocked off for the turtle eggs. The beach was spotless but there was no dam that we could see from shore. :-) Have a great time!!!

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    We heard from Pierre that they probably will not be able to use the turtle's eggs to replace Charlie...darn. She was one of a kind. The new egss just will not survive.

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