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    Default How do you do it?!?!

    I have been counting down the days since February of this year, several visits to the message board on a daily basis..i keep looking at the photos like I have never seen them before..

    Its now 29 days until we arrive at Couples Negril.

    Anyone have any tips on how I can keep my mind occupied so I dont drive my boyfriend nuts?! Crazy excited!

    Also, anyone going 7/24/09-8/1/09??

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    It's call the JamaicanMeCrazy Flu and once you have been bitten by the bug insanity sets in.

    Sleepless nights, constant daydreaming, attention paid only to this message board and not work, constant picture reviews and the list of symptoms goes on.

    For the next 29 days you will suffer severly as the days dwindle down to 0. Once your vacation has started your pain will ease and actually go away.

    Tips to keep your mind occupied? This MB helps ease that pain but the excitement NEVER goes away.

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    I too am having the same problems, I find myself reading the same topics over and over, just to calm me down. We leave August 5th, and I couldn't be more excited. It's hard to work or pay attention to any other responsibilities.... and I am already wondering when we will be able to book a return trip, even though we have yet to go for our first time.
    Thank goodness for the MB "support group"


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    I have been driving my husband nuts talking about Coules and Jamaica since our first trip 6 years ago! As RDYJMJM said, you have acquired the JamaicanMeCrazy Flu and there is no getting over it (even taking your trip will only briefly relieve the symptoms). At least you don't have much time left this go around!

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    I love the attitude. Trip #1 not even started and you want #2.

    A true Couplesholic in the making!


    It's not just a vacation you are taking in Jamaica.

    It's a Couples EXPERIENCE.

    An experience that you will enjoy reliving each and every day until you return for that next experience.

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    YOUR DOOMED - IT'S CALLED THE COUPLES FLU - forget trying to get anything done at work, all you can think about is your trip and packing and getting to your favorite resort. I have been going through this for the past 150 days, and I still have 168 to go. Have a wonderful vacation

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