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    Default Avoiding TSA restrictions

    Has anyone shipped their liquids, i.e. shampoo, sunscreen, etc., directly to CSA? We are carrying on our luggage for the first time and I'm a little stressed about the liquid restrictions!

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    Ship from the U.S.? Prohibitively expensive. It would be much cheaper to just buy the stuff in Jamaica than ship it unless you are tied to certain brands.

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    Couples will not accept packages. I know some on here travel with just carry on, I need way to much sunscreen to give that a try and cost of sunscreen is what you will pay to check a bag.

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    You probably can't ship 'em, and they'd be late if you did (soon come, mon!)... You can buy this stuff in the gift shop... pricey, but you CAN buy it!

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    I will tell you this last time that we did carry-on, they didn't even check anything! I was upset that I could have taken more, but gotta love the gubment...always changing the rules and no one knows when things will change again...for example, lighters, cigs, matches, liquids, nail clippers, etc....oy....good luck

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    you'd be surprised how much you can stuff into those bags...rum, lotions, sunscreen....haha

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    You can get a LOT of 3 ounce sunscreen tubes into a one quart bag for carry on. The shampoo provided at Couples has been pretty much fine for us.
    Have you tried it?

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    We check in a single bag for toiletries and for bringing souvenirs back.

    At first it seemed like a waste but it was nice having the extra space & having everything we needed on arrival.

    If you're going for just a few days, just buy it in Jamaica - it's very expensive - $20 for a bottle!

    But you'll save some time not waiting for your stuff.

    If you have resort credit, romance rewards etc. You can use it in the gift shop. ...

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    How long are you staying? We have done carry on only for a two week stay and had plenty of liquids. 3 oz of shampoo lasts me a while, as well as 3 oz of conditioner, toothpaste, etc. You can always buy stuff in the gift shop. But as far as shipping it - it would cost you a small fortune!

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    Can take multiple 3 oz bottles of same fluid. Drug stores sell empty ones to use.

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    We travel carry on only, too. We have no problem with 1 qt. size bag each. In fact, we even pack along a few mini liquors.
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