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    Default Repeaters dinner - what to wear

    What should my husband wear to the repeaters dinner? Will a pair of dress shorts and a collared shirt be ok or should he dress more formal?

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    We always dress up a little more. I would say khakis and a nice shirt. I usually wear a skirt.

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    Personally I wear dress pants & a nice collared shirt. They put on a pretty nice evening at CSA, so I dress appropriate.

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    He will be fine. It's resort casual and they don't expect you to wear a suit or anything close to that. Slacks and nice shirt are perfectly fine.
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    Technically, shorts are not allowed at the repeat guest dinners. We saw a few and the guys looked really underdressed. I would feel very uncomfortable wearing shorts or sandals to such a formal event.
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    Agree with softail, I would not wear shorts.

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    If you want to see feedback on this message board, your husband could go for a sleeveless NASCAR shirt and a dirty baseball hat.

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    It's in the "nice restaurant". Pants.

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    Very simple.
    If the repeaters dinner is at the Otaheite then there is already a dress code standard that should be followed. If they've moved it to the Lychee due to accommodations then I'd still stay close to the Otaheite standards but possibly wear dress shorts, and a nice shirt. Never flip-flops to dinner and no ball cap or any hat for that matter to the table. --(just old fashioned manners)

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    He will need long pants, nice collared shirt and closed toed shoes just like any of the fine dining options at the resort.

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    My wife and I usually wear what is required for the reservation only restaurants. I noticed at Swept Away, in October, that the majority of the people were dressed that way, and the ones who were not kind of stuck out. Did not bother me in the least and I don't know that there is a dress code other than the obvious of no beach attire.

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    Perfect! I'm wearing a dress because that's what I wear to dinner every night. I just wasn't sure for him. Thank you!

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    Lol!! Well I can guarantee he will not be wearing a NASCAR shirt! The old baseball cap will stay in the room for the night though I promise!

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    Also I'm confused as to where the CSA dinner is held. Some have said Feathers and others have said Patois.

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    @ CSA, the Repeaters Dinner is held at Patois Patio. They close the restaurant down for this very nice occasion. We will be going to our second Repeaters Dinner there in 23 days and I can say that based off of our last one, I will be "dressing" for the occasion. Most women, and I mean almost 100% of the women wore dresses. The men were looking pretty darn good as well with dress slacks(Dockers are ok) and collared shirt - Polo type or dress shirt but mostly dress shirts. No shorts whatsoever!

    I'm eating lunch now - at work (outside it's cold & snowing) and sighing just thinking about our upcoming trip and knowing how wonderful it will be so I will thank "Couples"in advance.

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    You should wear dress pants, dress shoes and a collared shirt. This is what all (most) wear (there are a few that wear shorts, but it seems noticeable to me).

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    If I remember correctly the invitation to the Repeaters Dinner states that the dress is "Resort Elegant" which would preclude wearing shorts and sandals. Think he needs to pack a pair of long pants. My husband hates it, that is usually the only night that I can get him to one of the restaurants that require long pants.
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    I like to wear a short skirt with some low heals. My wife usually wears a dress!!! O.K. , just adding some lite air to the post. What can I say, it's snowing outside.

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