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    I would have liked the opportunity to be bothered a little bit by the beach "vendors" - do any other opportunities exist?

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    Vendors do come in on Monday nights and set up on the front lawn. You can also go outside the resort and turn right to get to them.
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    Go on the shopping tour and walk outside the gated will be bothered like never before!!

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    No vendors on the entire CTI site approach you without you going to them first, and then they do not hassle you. Make sure you bargain with them if you are going to buy. I saw one guy buying something for $40 which I got $20 because he didnt negotiate.

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    Some people don't negotiate because they feel like the vendor might need the money more than they do. So it might not be because they didn't negotiate, it's because they didn't want to.

    But if you're expecting lots of vendors on the beach everyday, like at CSA, CTI does not have that. During the day, the only person near the beach is Mike who sells shells from his surfboard right on the other side of the swimming area. During some afternoons there is a jewelry vendor up by the pool area. But like the others have said, the Beach Party is the one time at CTI where there are multiple vendors. And if you go outside the gate to the shopping center or the craft place at Dunn's, look out! They are very aggressive there. Have a great trip!
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    There used to be a small open air market across the street. We went there but they really did not BOTHER us much. They asked , we said no and went about our business. When we found something we wanted, we bought it... no problem.

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