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    Default Rescort Scuba Course

    If you take and do the resort scuba course, I know you get an intro dive. And can dive more if you pay extra.

    How long is this course good for? We are going to CSS in March and then CN in November. Would the course my hubby takes in March carry over to November and he can just go diving instead of taking it again?



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    I'm quite sure that you cannot "carry over" the resort course from one trip to another. I do not remember receiving any certificate or paperwork for the resort course that you could use next trip to prove that you took it. I took the resort course at CSS in 2011 and then again at CN in 2012. Not diving regularly, I needed the refresher anyway.

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    Unless you become PADI certified, you have to take the complimentary course Couples offers every time you return to Couples.
    Juell and Andy (Jandy)

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    The PADI Discover Scuba Dive, which is the "resort course" isn't a certification. It's just a one-time deal to introduce people to diving. In fact, if you do it one day, and want to pay to do it another day, you still have to go through the instruction again. If he really likes the resort course and wants to get certified after, the resort course does count as one of the four open water dives for beginner certification.

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