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    Default Question to Honeymooners :)

    To all the those who chose to take their honeymoons as CSA or CN what room did you choose? What made you choose this room? And finally did you make the right choice one you got there? We are getting to very close to booking out honeymoon but I am still unsure about our room choice. I would love if anyone had some pictures to share of their rooms Did you purchase a honeymoon package, if so which one. I like so many other brides have spent so much time doing research on where to take our honeymoon and couples was an easy choice......I just really really want everything to be perfect! When we went to CSS last May we had a wonderful time but at the same time we felt like since we were not getting married or on our honeymoon we were not treated the same. I'm just so worried that when we are actually on out honeymoon we will run into the same problem :/ Would love any advise past honeymooners have!

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    We honeymooned at CN in 2006 and chose a Deluxe Beachfront Room and got into Building 6. The room was perfect, the location was perfect, the resort was perfect, the staff was perfect, the food was perfect, the honeymoon was perfect!

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    I felt the exact same way as you do about a year ago. I am perfectionist/worrier myself and I didn't know what to do...but after much thought my husband and I decided on a Beachfront Verandah Suite (BFVS) at CSA for our honeymoon (May 2012). We knew we wanted the best view possible for our honeymoon so that gave us BFVS and Beachfront suite (the premier beachfront suite category didn't exist at the time we booked). We were torn between the BFVS and the Beachfront suite, but we decided on the BFVS mainly because my husband couldn't live without a TV for a Once we got to CSA, we ended up on the first floor in a corner room (which means we had a large window in the room and a slightly larger porch). I remember walking into our room and jumping up and down with joy over how amazing the view was (it was so beautiful it just didn't seem real!). Every morning I would order room service for breakfast and sit on the porch and enjoy the view, read or simply watch people walk by! YOU will love, love, love it! For my husband and I, it was worth every penny to get the BFVS. We had an included honeymoon package, we got a free couples massage (loved!) and champagne etc. Personally, I did a TON of worrying for nothing - my honeymoon was like a dream!

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    We used a travel agent and knew nothing about couples at all. We went with her suggestion of csa and chose the garden suite. It was perfectly fine for us as we had never done AI before and were thrilled with csa. I really had no idea what to expect as we did all the wedding planning when we got there. Didn't even know this message board existed. Now that we are vets and have tried a few different rooms, we pick the one we can afford and it's the garden veranda. We didn't spend that much time in there anyway (even on the honeymoon). We go to csa for the beach, the great food and drinks and friendly people and activities.

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    Bfvs 4122,, not on our honeymoon but great view!Name:  IMG_20110421_092355.jpg
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    After research, we knew we wanted a couples resort in Negril. We had conversations with out travel agent about which was best for us. Since beach and nightlife was most important to us, she suggested CSA. Since it was our hmoon, we obviously wanted best room....however by the time we booked everything at CSA was taken except for GVS. I was so disappointed I asked her to change us to CN. I thought "I have to atleast have an ocean view".

    Well, my TA talked me off that ledge. Its not about room, its about resort, Promised I would love CSA. So we did it, booked the GVS. It was great. She was right. We loved the resort and would stay in a shed across the road if we had to. And really we enjoyed the privacy and jungle like feel of the GVS. The road noise thing is so overblown.

    We were fortune enough to book each year since (April will be our third trip) and every year we consider another room. GVS wins as we can stay longer. Nine nights this year!

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    Name:  DSC_0010.jpg
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Size:  166.5 KBMy wife and I chose CSA 2 years ago. We're going back in May. We stayed in an Atrium suite, we loved it and will be staying in one again. We liked the openness of the wood slats rather than windows. We usually left the french doors open all night also. AS's are in the middle of the grounds with lots of foliage. If you want privacy, you can close the slats and turn on the AC or you can put down the big white blinds on the huge back porch which has a nice couch and a hammock. I'll try and post some pics, Have fun and congratulations!!

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    We went on our honeymoon back in May 2011....we booked a Garden Verandah Suite, we knew we'd be out laying on the beach a lot of the time and so we weren't too worried about the view from our room and we aren't the type to pay more for a room with a view on vacation. When we got there, our room was on the "old" side I think, near The Palms...and it looked like it used to be an Atrium suite turned into a GVS. I LOVED it! I loved the privacy of having the windows, but our room had the wood slats over the windows and I just loved that look. It was a corner suite too, which I loved. Every morning we'd sit out on the patio, eat our "first" little breakfast and feel like we were sitting in the middle of the jungle, it was pretty great....then a short walk would bring us to the beach. Our room looked identical to the photo posted above, with the exception that ours had the windows under the slats and the GVS rooms have a TV on the wall across from the bed and the Atrium rooms do not have TVs.

    Also, we didn't buy a honeymoon package...we did the complimentary one that included a 30 minute couples massage & complimentary champagne in the room (however, I'm not sure that was Couples provided or from our TA)...but I'd recommend booking a couples massage even if you don't do a honeymoon package.

    Best advice to your dinner reservations as soon as you're able (it used to be 3 days in advance)...if I could do it again, I would have tried to get into Feathers twice, though we did LemonGrass twice...I was just never as impressed with dinner at the The Palms or Patois all the free excursions, and try to get off the resort to see Negril (one of my biggest regrets, though in my defense it rained A LOT during our entire honeymoon)...and have an amazing time!
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    ----> Honeymooned at CSA June '11!
    --------> Really can't wait to be "home" again!

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