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    Default What activities for a bachelorette party?

    I've never planned a bachelorette party. I need some help with the activities. Any ideas? It is going to be at a house of a relative I do know (they knows ). We are not drinking per the bride's request but most of us are twenty and over. There is a couple (in the marriage party) that are a small more youthful, but no more youthful than 16. How long ought to the party be? I was thinking beginning with pizza around 6pm. Ought to it go until like 11? Any ideas would be lovely! Thanks!

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    When I did my 19yo SIL's bachelorette party, I planned a lot of games. We went out to dinner, but did games and mocktails (oj w/ginger ale and cranberry juice w/sprite) at a house. For games we did Bridal Pictionary, How well do you know the groom (every wrong answer she would have to add a piece of gum into her mouth), I made little cakes and icing that the guests decorated and the bride had to pick the winner, the toilet paper wedding dress competition, etc.

    For my other non-drinking SIL she wanted a 50s theme party. So we had 50s facts trivia, apron decorating, a game where you had to guess the spices (filled tiny plastic cups with 10 different spices and the guests are allowed to smell and taste) and a tutorial on how to do some popular hair dos of the time. You can also have the guests each bring a pair of underwear and the bride has to guess who the gifter is.
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