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    Default Want to book, but what's the deal with snorkeling at Couples Barbados?

    My husband and my favorite thing to do at any Couples resort (and we've now at least visited all of them) is snorkel - sometimes twice a day! I didn't see anything about snorkeling on the list of inclusions and that would be a deal breaker for us. Obviously I'd like to have a definitive answer before the airfare credit deadline. Maybe it was just an oversight on the website...? I know it is the first day, but I can't make a decision without all the information.

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    Yes, snorkeling is included.

    Couples Resorts

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    Please tell us more about the snorkelling. When we were in Barbados at a beach not too far from there, the bottom was sandy and the entry a little bit wavy. It wasn’t good for snorkelling there. So will the snorkelling be from a boat as it is with Couples in Jamaica? Is that combined with the swimming with sea turtles, or is that a separate trip. I thought the popular sea turtle trips were to a spot on the West coast?

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    We stayed at 1 of the Almond Beach Resorts a few years ago in Barbados and I will say that we had great snorkling right off the beach. We did take our own gear. I don't if it is the one Couples bought though. If you go to Barbados you will enjoy it very much. We took the public bus from one side of the island to the other and were the only tourists on it. We walked around town and like the bus never once felt uncomfortable. I believe the literacy rate is 95% on the island. If you have any questions about the island my email is

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