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    I'm interested in doing a SCUBA dive at CN on my next trip. I don't want the full PADI certification, I just the complementary dive. What type of training classroom and/or pool, will I have to do to qualify for a dive, and how much time will those activities take?

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    Training takes a morning, divided between "classroom" (around the pool on chairs) and in the pool. Classroom involves familiarizing yourself with diving and dive safety, while in the pool you have to demonstrate you can function adequately underwater.

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    It's just a couple hours in the pool where you swim 8 laps, learn how to use the gear (breathing through the regulator, mask clearing, etc), learn about the physics of diving (pressure, buoyancy, etc.), then you go out on a shallow dive (approx 30 feet). The whole thing takes about 3 1/2 hours, starting about 8:30a. A word of caution... once you try this, you will be hooked and you will want to get certified. Just sayin

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    You will have to do the resort 'test'. Basically swim the length of the pool so many times is the primary portion that holds people back so just focus on your ability to swim 100-200 meters.

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    Check the activities button above but you get one non-certified dive for free and then $50 for each additional dive. They will do a pool session to get you familiar with the process before going out to sea. Consider getting certified as you can do the paperwork and pool work at home and then do the certification process at the resort and you will have much more fun. The dive crew at CSA is awesome and I'm sure I've seen similar comments about the dive crew at the other resorts.
    Jack & Donna

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    This all sounds good..

    So first dive is free and $50 dollars for each additional dive.
    If I change my mind and do the PADI certification path, are the additional dives also $50 dollars each?

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