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    Default Css: Beachfront 1 bedroom vs Penthouse

    Hey all,

    Which do you prefer, the 1 bedroom beachfront rooms or the penthouse? We want the best ocean view we can get. We would love to be able to sleep to the sound of the ocean.

    How private are each of these rooms?


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    Hi Crandolph would you mind also if the answer included the 1 bedroom beachfront and the 1 bedroom ocean view? We are booked for the ocean view but hear so many nice things about the beach front 1 bedroom too.


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    The thing is, you're not likely to hear the ocean in the beachfront one bedroom suites. You can see the beach, but it's a pretty protected beach, kind of in a cove so to speak, so you don't hear a lot of waves crashing. I can't speak for the ocean view rooms or penthouse - believe those are upper level on the cliffs and you'll definitely have a view, but not sure about hearing any ocean noise.

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    It really comes down to your personal preference. Half of CSS is built into the cliffs with lots of steps and that is the area the penthouse suites are located. The beachfront suites, where we always stay, are located on the lower flat level across the great lawn from the beach. That is also the level of the Palazzina Restaurant where your breakfast and lunch is served and the main pool with the swim up bar. We have always had a view of the water from our rooms there. You are still a bit back from the waters edge just like the penthouse is high above it. Don't expect a lot of the sound from the soft rolling waves. Basically, we look at it as choosing between view or convenience and the convenience wins out as we only watch the view first thing in the morning with coffee, briefly before dinner, and later at night before bed. We almost never stay in our room. How much time will you spend in your room as opposed to the beach or pools?
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    It would depend where the PM room is located. There are other's on the board that can tell you which building to request, they will not guarantee a certain room, but they will do their best to accomodate your request.

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    Hi Crandolph! Hubby and I have stayed in Penthouse Suites every trip! Trip #7 is set for July! The Penthouse Suites are in Blocks C, D, and E. There is only 1 penthouse in Block C, room C-8 the Pavarotti Suite. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a smaller balcony with a table and 4 chairs and a double lounger, but the view of the main beach is obstructed by a large palm tree and foilage. We have stayed in 2 D Block penthouses--D14-Steve McQueen Suite-- two times and it has a huge balcony overlooking the main beach and 1.5bathrooms and D20-Roger Moore Suite. It is the next door neighbor of D14 with a great view. We have also stayed in 3 penthouses in E Block with views out to sea over the Mineral Pool. These rooms are nice, but the balconies are smaller than those in D and you are close to the Balloon Bar and sometimes the nightly entertainment can be a bit loud if you go to bed early or are a light sleeper.

    As for hearing the sound of the ocean, in D block you could the water some evenings from the balcony; however, we never slept with the doors open because the bugs love me so much I was afraid I would be eaten alive if we left them open while we slept!

    I believe any penthouse you receive will be pretty awesome!!!!

    Have a great trip!!!

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    Seeing the ocean and hearing the ocean are two different things. I'm not sure any rooms at CSS are close enough to the ocean to hear it at night unless it is very windy and there are big waves. The views are better from some of the Penthouse Suites, but not all of them.
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    Do you guys know if all beachfront rooms are facing the water? Or are there some facing the back of the building?


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    We always go to Couples with what they give us is what we were suppossed to have. Everytime they give us our room its like the read our mind. Only ONCE did I ever have to ask to be moved, that was at CSA and they moved us the next day with no problems when a room opened up. No matter where you go you will love it. 75 more days for us. !!

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    Sklar, All the balconies of the Beachfront Suites face the water; however, there is the main lawn, the main pool, and the beach bar and grill between the rooms and the water. There are 3 floors of rooms, so a room on the second or third floor may have a better view, but I have heard that some folks love the first floor rooms for the convenience. I think you will have a wonderful trip! Enjoy!!!

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    The Tree Frogs are so loud that I dont think you will here the Sea! We love sitting on our balcony and hearing those little critters make their music! You will love CSS just the way it is no matter what room you get. Pure romance!!!!

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    The only rooms at Couples we have stayed in that let you hear the lapping waves on the shore are the Premier Beachfront Suites at CSA. Those rooms as well as the Atrium Suites have screens but no glass in the windows so nothing interferes with the outside Jamaican sounds of the surf and peeping tree frogs. Wooden louvers allow for airflow and privacy but do not block the sounds. Going back again this April...ya mon, irie.

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