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    Default ...and CSA Repeaters Dinner & other Don't Miss events

    ..and please can anyone remind me which night the Repeaters Dinner happens on at CSA?

    Which nights are the other main events we should plan in now? I wondered about lobster night, Manager's Cocktail party but there be others you can think of.

    Dreaming and planning ahead a bit helps to fill the gap until we come back.


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    Repeaters dinner is on Monday night at Patios, Managers Cocktail Party is on Monday as well before the dinner at 6pm. Wednesday night at 10:30 pm bonfire. Thursday night guest talent night. Friday night is the beach party. Saturday night Lobster night.

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    Wife and I will be returning to CSA in May and would like to do repeaters dinner, but we Loved the International buffet at the Palms which is also Monday evening think we're gonna go for the buffet, it was fun and delicious!

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    Wednesday night is Caribbean Night with a performance by the Silver Bird steel drum band. Not to be missed! Probably the most energetic performance I have ever seen. Take a look. I've got a feeling - YouTube

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    thanks Birdy

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    We missed the Steel drums last time, heard it was the best Palms entertainment. So does it take place Before the bonfire, we really enjoyed that the last trip...

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    Suggest you attend the Manager's Reception, skip the Repeater's Dinner and hit the buffet for the better meal.

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