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    Default Vegetarian Friendly?

    My boyfriend and I are planning to visit one of the Couples resorts this May but we are having a difficult time deciding which one to go to. We initially were very attracted to CSS for its romantic scenery and secluded walking paths, but after looking at the menus it doesn't seem to have too many options for vegans/vegetarians. It looks like CTI might be a bit better in this department but we're not sure. Does anyone know anything about veggie options at Couples?


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    Omg, you will be very happy at csa. The salad bars are so fresh. There are llots of options especially at the Palms restaurant and Seagrapes. Swept Away has the most dining options.

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    Every meal has vegan/vegetarian options. You can graze to your heart's content in every restaurant at CSA. There are HUGE salad bars in the Palms and Seagrapes is nothing but vegetarian food.

    Of course you should also be aware that vegetables are not food. Vegetables are what food eats.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fawnridge View Post
    . . . Seagrapes is nothing but vegetarian food . . . .
    While Seagrapes had a lot of vegetarian options, it also serves fish, jerk chicken, and chicken and beef patties.

    You won't go hungry as a vegetarian, but it is more difficult if you adhere to a vegan diet. The resorts use a lot of dairy, especially butter for vegetables, and if you look at the menus, many of the vegetarian options include egg, cheese, sour cream, etc. If you have concerns after your first day, ask to speak with the chef about accommodations that can be made for you.
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    I agree with the people above - CSA would be a great option if you are vegetarian. There are always a ton of choices.

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    Back in the old days couples did not used to have veggie options on the menus but I could still request them. Met Stefan the new chef at Negril who was just starting to introduce them. Think that was about 10 years ago and think every restaraunt has a veggie option and Stefan is executive chef of the whole group.

    Went to CSS just after couples took it over and My thoughts were that options were not quite as good as at other couples but I never really had a problem.

    If you find a menu with nothing you like don't be afraid to ask but since those very early days it's been "no Oriblem"

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    My wife and I are also vegetarians and just returned from a trip to CSS. We were attracted to it for many of the same reasons; the secluded paths, hidden treasures, and amazing landscaping. We were also concerned with the lack of vegetarian options on the menus, but that was one of the best parts. When we let the chef know ahead of time that we were vegetarian, they were able to accommodate us with options that were not on the menu. It never was a problem, and I feel like the extra attention and effort made the experience extra special.

    Vegetarianism is a huge part of Jamaican culture, and it seems like all of the chefs are well versed in making delicious improvisations when asked kindly. If that is your only hesitation for choosing CSS, book now with no worries!

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    No Oriblem! Should have said No Problem (guess my iPad is not Jamaican!

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    I've been a strict ovo lacto vegetarian for 16 years. Cannot comment on CSS or CTI, but we just celebrated out honeymoon at CSA in September and I cannot even begin to tell you how impressed I was. The veggie bar....? AMAZING!! All of the restaurants went out of their way to cater to me, and had tons of options. My biggest shock was when we were at the Thai restaurant, and even though they had plenty of vegetarian options, you never know what one considers to actually be vegetarian. Of course I told the waitress at I was vegetarian. She asked if I was vegan or just vegetarian. I told her vegetarian, no fish products, etc....and placed our order. I LOVED and appreciated when she returned with our first course split up, giving me double the amount of tofu and veggie appetizers, and when my husbands second course arrived, she said "sorry, the chef said you can't have what you ordered for your second course, it has oyster sauce in it" I love it when they're actually paying attention and looking out!!!!!! Needless to say, I'm confident that couples has veggies and vegans in mind when planning their menu's....maybe in part because rastafarians are typically vegan?!

    Love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawnridge View Post

    Of course you should also be aware that vegetables are not food. Vegetables are what food eats.
    Cute! Comments like this are hilarious...since the vegetarians will have the last laugh when we live an average of 10 years longer than our meat eating counterparts. Just saying!

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    I am vegan and we will be staying at CSA. My travel agent inquired about menu options for me. He was told that a chef would meet with me upon arrival! I would go with whatever resort you choose and just make them aware of your dietary needs. I am sure they would be more than happy to accommodate!

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    We went to CSS in 2011 and we are going back this year. I am vegetarian and had no problems whatsoever. I think you'll love it. Just tell them at the formal resturants and the bar etc you can just ask without the meat and they'll prepare your pizza etc without meat!

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