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    My fiance and I are planning to do the private dinner when we are at Couples Negril for our wedding moon. For those of you who have done it, which is the better location...the beach or the treehouse? I'm sure that either will be excellent. We were leaning toward the beach originally, but after seeing pics of the treehouse, now we're talking treehouse. HELP!!

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    We did a private dinner at the gazbo near the AN side of the resort. It was very private, quiet and romantic. The server lined the walkway with candles and lighted the gazbo with candles. She had white linens drape the sides so as the only opening was the front.
    Loved it!!!

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    Treehouse, hands down!
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    We did the beach, surprised my husband on our wedding night. I picked beached just because I knew it would be easier to walk him by the set up on the beach than the tree hut. I still wanted private tho so chose the massage hut on the beach. It was magical! Not much to see since it is dark so thought being closest to water hearing the waves would be better. Either will be good tho. Can't go wrong!

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    My wife and I did the treehouse private dinner while on our honeymoon last summer. It was really great! I would recommend it over the beach (although I have never done the beach) most people we spoke to at the resort got eaten alive by the bugs/mosquitoes on the sand at night. We never got a single bite up in the treehouse. It is a very romantic setting.
    I did feel bad for our personal server though, because she had to make several trips up and down those stairs carrying food/drinks etc. But I guess that's just the way it is.... Have a wonderful trip :-)

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    We did the treehouse and loved it! We did the treehouse because we thought it would be more private than the beach. Enjoy your dinner!

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    I've booked the Tree House as a surprise for my bride on our 20th. I've even created an iPod playlist that they've agreed to play during dinner. Can't wait!

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    Thanks, y'all! It sounds like the Tree House is the way to go (especially with bugs...get enough of that at home in the summer! I really like the iPod playlist idea, too! I'm getting even more excited now!!!

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    also if you are in a suite you can do it on your balcony; that said Treehouse would be my choice

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