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    I sent the link to my wife’s work. She, of course, got it right away. There were people at her work place that heard that there was a negative overtone because a white man was imitating a black person. This never even came to thought for us. We love our Jamaican brothers and sisters. We have never seen color, or race, through our eyes. Just true happiness.

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    Dis about all I can say about dat...
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    Loved it, made me smile and miss all my Jamaican friends. So we have 348 sleeps until we are back. CN 2011, CN2012, CN2013 and soon come CN2014!!

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    I agree - I love the accent! Plus it associates the accent with a casual, fun loving attitude. If the jamaican people don't have a problem with it, then no one should.

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    we loved it! Driving a VW makes you feel like everything is irie! Whats the problem? Political correctness gone mad. The only ones that might find an ad like this offensive are people that don't know what the island vibe is all about. CN in 24 sleeps!

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    Everybody loves it, but are you heading for the dealership to buy?

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    Wow. Some people have way too many things to write or think about! My wife has since posted it on our facebook account and everyone loves it! Ya Mon! I never even considered or thought that anything of this video would offend any person. Such negitive publicity is what sells newspapers. What sells Jamaica is the possitive vibe of the Jamaicans!!! Thats why we all keep coming back. Everyone one that we know that has seen the ad understands why we feel the way we do about Jamaica! Everything Irie Mon!

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    Erik Nicolaisen from VW ad:

    "People are free to have their own opinion on whether the spot #GetHappy is racist or not. My brother-in-law comes from Kingston, by way of Linstead, and he loves the ad. I have his blessing, so I’m comfortable with the work. I had a long talk with him today about the “racism” claims, and he says he completely disagrees, as do Jamaican friends and family. “Out of Many, One People” is Jamaica’s motto he says, and on any day “a yard,” you hear Chinese, Black, Indian, and Caucasian Jamaicans all speaking in this same patois." ~Erik Nicolaisen

    Jamaicans are cracking up over this! Imitation is the best form of flattery!

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    We just loved it. And we are from Minnesota. Humor is a great thing, those that can't handle humor, should avoid people. Puts a smile on our face every time we see it!

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    Really Great!

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    Too Funny!!!!
    Irie Mon

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    Made me want to come home!

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    LOVE this! My husband is white (very pale unless he is in the Jamaican sun then hes bright red lol) he lived in Jamaica for a year or so and speaks Patois fluently (he is also Rastafarian). We were at CSA last year for our first time and he slipped into speaking Patois so effortlessly (he often doesn't realize he is doing it). It is how he spoke to all the staff the whole time we were there, a few of them were a little surprised at first but once he explained why he spoke Patois so well they loved it!

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    We have some Jamaican friends who live in Jamaica. They had seen it, and thought it was hilarious. They also said it's likely to do more to increase tourism to Jamaica than to sell VW's. LOL.

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    Jamaica Tourist Board Officials View VW’s Commercial As A Compliment To The Destination The UN Ranks As Having The World's Happiest People
    As Super Bowl 2013 quickly approaches, Volkswagen released a preview of its upcoming Super Bowl commercial, which features an office worker in the U.S. speaking with a Jamaican accent. The commercial’s premise is that buying a VW will transform its owner to embody the happy, “no problem, mon” vibes exemplified by the people of Jamaica. The commercial is complete with background music by renowned Jamaican musician Jimmy Cliff, who sings his version of "Come On, Get Happy".
    “We view the commercial as a compliment to the island,” said John Lynch, Jamaica’s Director of Tourism. “Happiness is synonymous with a Jamaican vacation. What’s not to love? Great people, delicious food -- people should tap into the spirit of Jamaica and Get Happy each day. Our motto is ‘Out of Many, One People’ as the island is very diverse. In fact, Jamaica has a strong German heritage with an existing Germantown community where people may look and sound like the gentleman in the commercial. He was spot on!”

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    All of a sudden I want to buy a new Beetle.

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    Put a much needed smile on my face. Home in 263 long days.

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    The people who find this racist, have never been to Jamaica and met the wonderful people who live there.

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    Fantastic! We love the commercial!

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    Good ad, but why not use a real Jzmaican?

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    We thought about skipping our Jamaica trip this year and doing something else. After seeing the commercial, it made us change our minds.

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