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    Default Our first time at CSS this December

    My husband and I are having our first ever Couples trip this December. I am trying to gather as much information as possible because he will be returning from his 3rd deployment to Afghanistan and I want to make sure everything is perfect.

    We went to Jamaica in May when he was home on leave and it was not what we expected. They did not have Red Stripe which was all he was hoping to drink there. There was no room service, and the drink were awful. I have called CSS and they said they stick Red Stripe Light in the in-room mini bars. Anyone know if that is true?

    Also, we were wondering about the food, atmosphere, and the rooms. We have a Beachfront Suite booked, so I am hoping we made the right choice. I have read a ton of reviews that said the rooms were musty and had mold on the furniture. I am a little concerned about that.

    If anyone has any information about the resort that would be of help, that would be great!

    Also, does anyone know if we can bring giant mugs for the bartenders to fill up?

    Any comments on the AU NATURAL section of the resort. We have never done it at a resort but we are young and We have been married 6 years, have no kids, and we are only 25, so I guess be adventurous while you can!

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    if you go to CSS you owe it to yourself to try Sunset beach (SSB) early in your stay. The AN setup is incredible relaxed and a lot of fun if you wish to socialize. I think it is against couples policy to "fill" an oversized mugs so if you elect to bring order a double and poiur it in yoursel else bring a coozie to slip your glass in.
    The food is very good. the resort it self is spread out with many steps which is no problem after the first day. enjoy

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    You are going to love your visit to CSS. We were married there and returned for our anniversary last year. In fact, we'll be back again next year too!

    They definitely serve Red Stripe beer and the other drinks at the bars are excellent!! You will not be disappointed.

    As for room service...CSS is the only Couples resort with room service all day long. Don't miss the opportunity to do a romantic lunch/dinner right in the comfort of your suite.

    The food at all the restaurants is outstanding! You've got to eat at the Casanova restaurant and make sure to dine outside. If you love jerk then make sure you get down to the Beach Grill. For a different kind of dining go to the Bella Vista and eat within steps of the ocean! The breakfast and lunch buffets at the Palazzina are second to none!!

    We have not stayed in a Beachfront Suite (but will in April) so can't speak for those rooms. The couples we've talked with who have said the size of the balcony was small but the room was great!

    If you'd like to see some pics of the resort check them out here:

    Enjoy your visit to CSS!!!

    Bart & Bug

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    I would be really, truly surprised if you are disappointed with CSS. We are returning for our third trip as a couple this November after being married there in 2007 (I was there previously many moons ago before it was a Couples resort).

    Food: I'm a huge foodie, and I think the food is great. I've never been on a cruise or to another AI, but I have dined at some of the most famous restaurants in the world. There is a nice variety, great presentation, and the chefs are very open to special accomodations/requests (we had some picky eaters in our wedding party who asked for certain things to be left off, and it was no problem). Room service is a great perk, and we use this often for late-afternoon "snacks" of steak and dessert.

    Atmosphere: Out-of-this-world pretty. The resort is built sort of in two sections. The beach section is relatively flat, and this is the newest part of the property. The older part is built essentially up a cliff. It is very lush and verdent with a rainforest feel. There are all sorts of little nooks and crannies to discover, and the resort never feels crowded or busy. If you want to be alone, you can do that, or if you want to socialize, you can find that, too.

    Rooms: Varying from good to great. I have also read the reviews that talk about mold/mildew, but I've never experienced it at the resort. I suppose if you leave wet things lying about and shut your room up tight, things could start to turn a little nasty, as it can get very humid, but the cleaning staff is very meticulous. The beachfront suite that you have booked will be in Block A or Block B. Those buildings were built in 1988 and renovated within the past year or two. None of the rooms are what I would call opulent, but they are clean and pretty and spacious.

    A/N Beach: Try it early, as was mentioned. The facilities are great. If you want privacy, the beach is very big and largely empty; if you want to socialize, the pool/bar is amazing. It's a little unnerving at first, or at least potentially disconcerting, but after a little bit, it seems the most natural thing in the world (probably because it literally is).

    Drinks: The availability of various brands does fluctuate, but I've never heard of them being out of Red Stripe. Barring some sort of weird fluke (i.e., a strike or a recall), I can't imagine there would be a problem.

    I obsessed about the bad reviews I read when I booked our wedding, as I'd not been to the property since I was very young (before the construction of Blocks A and B, to give you an idea), but I had absolutely nothing to worry about. After staying two years in a row, I now go and read those reviews and wonder what they were smoking (although I think we can guess).

    I really can't imagine a better welcome-back present to your husband than a trip to CSS. Thank you both for your service to our country.

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    Quote Originally Posted by connell0618 View Post
    I want to make sure everything is perfect.
    Here is all you need to do to make everything perfect:

    GO TO CSS.
    <font size=2>
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    Beachfront Suite at CSS:

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    Beautiful mold!
    <font size=2>
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    We did the same thing in summer 07 when my hubby was in Kuwait. Planned and paid for the whole trip without ever being there or even being together. We went to CSS for 8 days and it was awesome! The most relaxing, romantic, and fun trip we have ever had. Everything was perfect...we are going back this December from the 11th to the 20th and definitely plan on hitting SSB (spent 6 of our days last time there, what a blast!). We are staying in a beachfront suite as well and can't wait to get "home." When are you going???

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    Default Thanks!!

    Thanks to everyone who responded. We are very excited to be going, and thanks for all of you help, comments, advice, and pics. I guess i am a little nervous about the ssb because i feel i am flawed. But the posts state no one seems to even care. So that may be awesome.

    We will be ther the 24th of dec thru the 31st. We are so excited.

    Thanks again!

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    Default our first time at CSS also

    Thanks for all the info!! This will be my husband and I's first time at CSS. I am glad to see another couple our age will be there during Xmas week (22-29th)!!

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    Glad to see another couple our age will be there during Xmas week!! This will be our first time in Jamaica, at CSS!! We are counting down the days!!

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    After three kids, metabolism slow down, etc. I promise you.....on SSB there is no such thing as a "flawed body." No one cares and no one notices, it is such a wonderful, relaxing place to worries mon!

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    I hope to get a chance to experience the SSB. I think maybe after a ton of alcohol I may feel "free" enough to do it. I have lost over 60 lbs and I unfortunately have some extra skin. I am planning to have a tummy tuck next year but I am very insecure about it.

    Is it okay to wear like bathing suit bottoms on SSb, or do you have to be completely nude?

    Also does anyone have any feedback on how cool the rooms are. At the resort we went to in May, our room was never cool and very humid and hot. The last night we were there it was so bad we spread out our blanket and slept on the tile. It was worse than ever especially as we were severely sunburned the first few days.

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    You have to be completely nude on the beach. I eased into it by taking a lounger under a palapa and reading for a couple of hours. Hubby went to get drinks, and after two margaritas I ventured up to the pool. Never looked back ... The body image disappears as you meet all the wonderful people in all shapes, colors, ages, and sizes. Believe me, I have many flaws in this older body of mine, and I didn't feel like I was being criticized at all for my flab and my stretch marks. And it's nice to look people in the eyes when you talk, something that is not often done on the textile side. Try it. My guess is that you will be pleasantly surprised.

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