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    Default CSA - What is the Difference between the Aura Lounge and the Aura Nightclub?

    I am assuming they are the same place. Why the different names?
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    They are both upstairs in the Great House. When you first walk in, it is the lounge - seating everywhere and the piano. Back in the corner of the room is the "nightclub"....more seating and a dancefloor. Things normally get going back there after Ultimate does his thing at the piano.

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    The Lounge is just outside the nightclub and it is where the piano bar is located for the sing alongs with Ultimate Chocolate during the early evening. After it closes the party moves to the next room which is the Nightclub. Ya mon...

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    Teh lounge is the front part where Ulti plays piano while the nightclub is in the back aprt where the dance floor and dicso is located. Same room just different parts and at different times. Ulti plays first and then it turns into the dicso.

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    Its the same place, however the lounge area has the piano, couches, dim lights....then the club is a dancefloor, dj, etc

    The bar is in the middle of the two areas.

    We also like the outdoor deck off the lounge, especially when music is too loud, its a great late night place to chill and meet others

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    These "rooms" are above Feathers and Patois restaurants in the building at the South end of CSA. This floor has the Casino, and then connecting rooms (Aura Lounge and Nightclub). In the lounge they have comfortable chairs and couches and seating around the piano where Chocolate does Name That Tune and other entertaining games. Be sure to check this out. When he is done, people move into the lounge that has a big dance floor. There is a nice bar in between the 2 rooms, and it is air conditioned. Have Fun!!

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