We chose the 11am time for our wedding and were hoping for blue skies and a blue ocean. We wanted 10am but it was already reserved by the time we booked. We hired Misha Earle as our photographer and she agreed to do pictures beginning at 10 so we could get the bluest sky and ocean as she said it's that way earliest in the day.
I went to the salon at 9am and Colinette did my hair and makeup for either $90 or $100. My hair is very straight and she worked magic. It took her about 45 minutes and she suggested I see how I like the fresh white flowers in my hair. I liked it so they stayed. I then got dressed in the locker room at the spa and met up with the photographer at 10am. My fiance stayed in the room and got dressed during that time. Don't hesitate to use the salon (and ask for Colinette if she's still there). She did such an amazing job!
10am comes around, we're both dressed, and it's about to start raining. No blue skies and no blue ocean. The one day during our entire trip that it was like this in the morning. We were a little disappointed, but our wonderful photographer Misha offered to take some photos now and come back another day when it was sunny to finish the pictures since we had our hearts set on that. No additional charge. Talk about a great photographer! Not to mention, she made us feel like we had known her for years.
The wedding was perfect (and the rain held off during the ceremony so we could still get married on the beach). The pictures still turned out great even with the overcast skies. Misha came back a few days later and we took more pictures. We splurged and had Colinette do my hair and make up again for the additional pictures. She came in early just for me.
Don't hesitate to use Misha Earle for photography. Cheaper than the resort (we met friends who used the resort photographer and we compared prices). We used Roxroy Gough for our video and love it too. Both took longer than they originally stated to get the pictures and video to us, but be patient because it's worth the wait. Being patient on this stuff is easier said than done though.
Overall, perfect day and we wouldn't change a thing even if we could. It's so laid back and stress free. Alisha was the wedding coordinator and she took care of everything. We had a 30 minute meeting with her the day after we arrived and everything was planned during that time.
Mary Elizabeth + Gabe

I'm having difficulty attaching pictures right now but the link above leads you to the slideshow of pictures Misha made for us.