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    Default Photos of CN's Beachfront suites Please :)

    I have looked all over the message board for inquires for CN beachfront photos but none were what I wanted. Really like the Beachfront suite with that hammock so romantic for a honeymoon! However just want to make sure they are not too good too be true. Since they are more expensive I was wondering if anyone had a video or picture of their rooms both inside and out along with their view and did you think you made the best choice by choosing this room?

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    I was wondering this too. Can't seem to find any pics of the beachfront suites. Help???

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    There is one great picture in the photo section when you click on Couples Negril on the website of the outside of the suite looking into the room. You can't see the bathroom(which is large and great) but you can see the rest of the room.

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    All of the suites at CN are exactly the same except for location. Go to the CN "Map and 360 View" and click on the "Garden Suite" and "Garden Suite Bathroom" links.

    Couples Negril Map & Resort Panoramas | Ocean & Garden Hotel Rooms
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    We've booked one of those rooms in May. If you can wait, I'll post some pics when we return in June. Our first Couples trip and I'm also curious to se if others post before we leave (52 days!)

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    We were in Beachfront suite #5701 January 2011. I have attached a few pics of our room. They are very nice suites. I think they all have the hamocks. They are on the ends and have two windows/doors so like double the patio size of a regular room. In the picture of the room you only see half of the patio - I wanted to show the view and how close to the water it was.

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    We stayed in suite 9308,follow the link and you will find some pics of the suite
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    His pictures look exactly like the garden suites which we stayed in twice. We were in building 9 first floor farthest from the AN area. Absolutely loved the location. Decided after air fare went up, and the fact we are not in the room much anyway, to go with the cheapest room at CN, the garden deluxe I think it is. Loved it did not miss the big bath or room, and hope to get the same block or room in October. 208 days till Couple Swept Away and 201 days till Couples Negril. Yep split stay.

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